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Miss López and the Vikings: less time left to travel to the best beaches in the World, in Galicia SPAIN!

Hola! Miss López here in a warm day in Sweden, Swedish national day! Have you kissed a nice cute Swedish already? 🙂
Well after reading the last post of Miss Miranda I can understand she is looking forward to going to the beach in A Coruña, Galicia. I really miss “my” beaches where I grow up. In fact in Galicia you´ll find THE BEST BEACHES IN THE WORLD!! (according to the Guardian paper from UK) and I agree!!! 🙂 I am so happy I have my own place in Oleiros, there in Galicia, so beautiful!
Well, nothing like the Athantic sea for me. I guess everybody think about Spain like a very warm place and the Mediterranean but the thing is you should try the Athantic coast in Spain too up in the north of Spain. Yes the weather is not at all that warm and kind of rainy, in the summer around 25 degrees, just “lagom” for Miss Lopez and I love it! Why everybody want to be at the hottest places? You´d better try “lagom”, not too warm not too cold, perfect!!
Nice in a month I am travelling to Galicia. Why don´t you come too? By the way, did you know Galicia was invaded by the Vikings long time ago?. We still make jokes in Spain about that! like the Vikings drunk the wine, they love it 🙂 and took the women… 🙂 all the way to Scandinavia maybe…In fact there is a strong connection betwen Galicia and Scandinavia, didn´t you know? Maybe that´s why I am living in Sweden right now… 🙂 Maybe?
Viva Vikings,  Sweden´s national day and GALICIA with the best beaches in the World! In 4 weeks I´ll be there! I can´t wait any longer!!!
Vamos a la playa with Miss Lopez and Feelgood!!
By the way talking about “less time left” Check this at Facebook: at The Hub Stockholm
Feelgood Womanhood with the Vikings too!!

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