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Great Shoe Night with Miss López & Morena of Sweden at Stureplan, Estocolmo!

Hola! Miss Lopez! Still in a warm Stockholm! Yes Esto es el colmo!! 🙂 Too much! Even for a Spanish woman in Sweden! I grow up in Galicia, maybe that´s why, as the weather is mild normally there!

Here comes the pictures of the first Shoe Night event with Miss Lopez and Morena of Sweden and I hope for many more…Cool! Everything worked perfectly and even the tapas were great too. Thanks Miss Miranda for doing the Spanish tortilla!

In the first picture you see me with Hanna from Morena of Sweden, Design your own shoes! A bit of tapas and sangria and then you can see me with my friend Christoffer and of course Miss Lopez Super girls in Sweden, Miss Barcelona leaving on vacation in a few hours, Miss Miranda and me. All in red our way! Viva Spanish colours! Red means passion! 🙂

It´s been great to see again my hairdresser Linnea from Ordinary salon and I think she is so sweet!! She loves the whole concept! Thank you for coming you all! Maybe quite soon you´ll see Miss Lopez favourite shoes from Morena of Sweden too! Cool!

Let´s have more Shoe Nights with Miss Lopez & Morena of Sweden! When you come back from vacation, don´t you think so?

Nothing like the “shoe” business! Viva women´s entrepreneurship! Tell me, are You too “crazy” enough? 🙂



Miss Marisa's TED. Joshua Walters: On being just crazy enough

Buon Giorno a tutti!!  this is Miss Marisa from Rome where is really hot at the moment. Today At TED, comedian Joshua Walters, who’s bipolar, walks the line between mental illness and mental “skillness.” In this funny, thought-provoking talk, he asks: What’s the right balance between medicating craziness away and riding the manic edge of creativity and drive?
Joshua Walters is a comedian, poet, educator and performer. He incorporates elements of spoken word and beatbox into his shows in a mash-up of comedy, intimate reflection and unpredictable antics. In thelast two years, Walters has performed at theaters and universities throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East.
His eclectic combination of performance disciplines and activity as an educator in mental health has given Walters a national platform and audience. In 2002, Walters co-founded the DBSA (Depression Bipolar Support
Alliance) Young Adults Chapter in San Francisco, one of the few support groups specifically for mentally ill young adults in the country. As a facilitator, Walters developed humor to address the subject of mental illness, reframing it as a positive. Walters speaks as a mental health educator and has engaged in mental health advocacy at conventions and in classrooms nationwide.
Keep focused and feelgood womanhood!!!

Miss Lopez with my Galician friend´s baby at Skrapan terrace, Söder, Stockholm. Titta!

Hello! Today a different Miss Lopez! with a baby!! 🙂 Well, yes with my friend Eva´s baby from Galicia, Spain now Swedish too. She used to have her own apartment close to Skrapan, Söder before she got married to a German guy in Stockholm so we met close to her place in Söder. Nice terrace!

I am so happy as this is the first time I see her after her baby was born months ago. Her baby girl is so cute!! 🙂 I must say this is the best thing of today. Eva is the kind of friend to me that even if we don´t see each other for months when we meet if like time has not gone. Viva real friendship!

Actually I had at home these babyboots waiting to give away to her and at last she got it. Thanks Emma from Babyboots! And talking about shoes, do not miss Miss Lopez shoe night with Morena of Sweden tomorrow. Check it out!

And then afterwards to a mingel with Miss Miranda! And for those who may not believe it, I must say it can be really warm in Sweden too!

Nice to be “gullig, gullig” 😉 sometimes and Feelgood!

Be cute and be coool!! Nice! 😉

Viva all the mothers in the world!! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD



Inspiration is back when "the sun comes up"…and Miss Lopez meets Swedish singer Camilla Brinck


Hello! Miss Lopez is back and soon stronger than ever! 🙂 Well still with a bit of a cold but getting better and That´s the most important!. Yes Never give Up! This is Miss Lopez! 🙂
Today I have had the pleasure to meet this Swedish artist, singer, writer and producer Camilla Brinck at Hotel Scandic Anglais at Stureplan, Stockholm. I´ve met her for the first time at Lifestyle Charity event where Carola Häggkvist were singing too. Check it out!
It´s been great to meet her and getting to know her a bit more and I hope I can see her  when the times comes for her new album coming soon: “Breaking”.  She told me about the importance of  getting back the inspiration in her work and I agree completely. She actually had a contract for Virgin records (2002),  has a music video Bye Bye Forever that the influence American Tommy Mottola (2003) got interested in so Check it out you too now but it could not make it at that time because of her contract with Virgen. Because of that she had lost the inspiration for almost three years but then it came back, like a miracle! so lisen to more! Thank God she had painting too! On Dear I can really relate to her! Viva la creatividad!!
Camilla in the group Noveau Riche :
I must say I really like her work. I love it! 🙂
Well and now after all this time inspiration is back and stronger than ever. She has a release album coming soon (I´ll tell you more about it in a few days) and own record company ALLIMAC and site so Cool!
And now for Camilla Brinck after the rain, as in Shakira´s latest album “the sun comes up”… 🙂 After all what´s creation without inspiration?
Viva the inspiration when the sun comes up every day and Feelgood!

Viva Women artists! Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!

And now getting ready to my new even, are you coming? See you!

Hasta la vista babies!! I am so happy I am going to meet my old friend from Galicia married to a German guy in Sweden tomorrow at Scandic Anglais at Söder at 3 pm after all this time! The sun comes up even tomorrow! 🙂 Ciao!

Miss López in Sweden: Viva my friends and the Spanish connection in Stockholm, Scandinavia!

Hello my Dear friends! Miss Lopez is back before a multi meeting day tomorrow both at Kungsholmen, Strandcafe in the morning at 10 am with a “mysterious” business encounter 🙂 and Miss Barcelona and then after 4 pm at Hotel Anglais in Stureplan. Sure is going to be an intense day tomorrow! Follow me! 🙂 By the way, maybe a new guest blogger from California is coming to Miss Lopez.  I´ll let you know! Viva California!

Well I must say these last two days, have not been easy to me…I am still sick, in the middle of the summer! and I don´t know, maybe a bit melancolic as well…many things in my mind right now I guess. These times I think you see the value of friendsship even more, don´t you think so?

THANKS my friends to cheer me up and Miss Miranda that brought me a plant to my place! Thanks Miss Miranda! and Miss Barcelona and many more…This is what I call being coool!!  🙂

Anyway nice today being at the Spanish Embassy in Stockholm for a special cocktail  to celebrate Don Juan Carlos, The Spanish King name day, San Juan. Don´t you remmember? Always nice being at this palace at Djurgården eating a bit of tapas and champagne, well for sure cava, Spanish cava!  Nice to feel the Spanish connection even in Stockholm, isn´t it?

Viva my friends and the Spanish connection in Scandinavia and Feelgood!! 🙂

And for those wanting the follow the connection with a nice pair of shoes created by yourself, Check out this! Viva the shoe night with Miss Lopez and Hanna from Morena of Sweden!
Feelgood Womanhood! 🙂

Let me present you, MISS LOPEZ COCKTAIL! I love it!

Hello! Miss Lopez in the yellow dress when I met these Swedish journalists a while ago. Today I feel I want to show you my own creation. Let´s call it: Miss Lopez´s cocktail! Not bad isn´t it? 🙂 The good thing about it is that you can have it as a dessert soup, delicious by the way or a drink, depending of the amount of champagne (or Spanish cava!).  Have a try yourself. I did it when I met these journalists and I really love it! 🙂


2 tablespoons lemon sorbet
½ dl of champagne or cava for a soup dessert or 6 times more for the cocktail
10 wild strawberries
Mix the lemon sorbet with cava. Arrange in a bowl and finish with wild strawberries. We can leave in the freezer and it´s OK!

Let´s have a toast together today! to cheer me up! and Viva Miss Lopez´s cocktail!

A new cocktail was born! Cool! Thanks for cheering me up babies!! Let´s do it with my special cocktail for us! 🙂

And Feelgood Everybody! I´ll be back for sure sooner than you expected! Puss, puss+++

Miss Lopez at Brazilian Dondoca´s Fashion Blog and Ronnia Fornstedt, Miss Universe Sweden 2011

Hello! MISS LOPEZ here again! 🙂 Today after last nigt party, Midsommer at Solsidan, I went with Miss Miranda out in Stockholm and it´s been amazing to meet so many Spanish people down town in Stockholm. You never know what unexpected encounters will bring you. Like the other day at Vila Paulli where I´ve had t change to lisen to Carola and meet really interesting companies like the Brazilian DONDOCA

So now you can find me blogging at DONDOCA´s Fashion blog so check it out! Isn´t it cool? 🙂 Here in the picture Ronnia Fornstedt getting the Miss Universe Sweden titel for 2011 and the man on her right is the designer for Italian shoes, amazing ones I must say,  Gianmarco Lorenzi. I have pictures in my blog with him while I was there at Villa Pauli at DONDOCA stand, that sells their shoes in Sweden and is sponsor for this event, Miss Universe Sweden. DONDOCA is a Brazilian brand with really exclusive cloths, swimwear and shoes too. And now I look forward to getting to know them better!

Viva new encounters with people & business!Be open to what encounters with people may bring you every day and Feelgood!

Viva the Latin fashion! Via Brazilian fashion and Italian shoes from Gianmarco Lorenzi! So feminine! I love it!

Talking about shoes, do not miss Miss Lopez´s event about shoes next week. check it out!

Scandinavian Midsommar with Miss López & Miss Miranda at Solsidan, Saltsjöbadet Stockholm

hello! Miss Lopez here still with a bit of a cold! I am so tired but still I want to blog for tonight to wish you a nice day wherever you are! 🙂 and a big Kiss!! Glad Midsommer from Scandinavia to you all!

Myself I have been first at Vasaparken and then at Solsidan in a summer house with an incredible view. Thanks to my friends that saved my Midsommar with Miss Miranda so she could enjoy the famous Scandinavian Midsommer. Great to have friends, don´t you think so? As I believe, ” Friends in need, friends indeed!” and it´s true. You see the real friends not just in the best moments but always!

Well this place, own by a Russian/ Swedish aristocrat before the actual owner is in the exclusive Solsidan in Stockholm and there I had the pleasure to meet new interesting people like Björn Tarras-Wahlberg, president to the World taxpayers associations and very close to the Royal Family in Sweden. Nice! 🙂 Let´s go in a boat next week and talk more about women issues and entrepreneurship! Cool!

Nice to be around nice people at Midsommer and at any time and feelgood!

Puss & Kram!  by Miss Lopez…to be continued! Viva the longest day of the year from Scandinavia!

Hasta la vista!!

By the way, check my upcoming events at Stureplan:

and more…

Miss Marisa's cute things: Lina Nordqvist's Family Chairs

Ciao amici di Miss Lopez, It’s a sunny and hot day in Rome today and we’re going to talk about a great designer Lina Nordqvist and one of her fantastic creations the Family Chairs.

Lina Nordqvist  has a background as a set designer in the swedish film industry, as well as a recent degree from  Beckman College of Design, Stockholm. Her first work from Design House Stockholm comprises Family chairs , four chairs with unique identitie.

Each and every one of them brings its own individual character to the table. A boisterous family that one by one aspires to stand out as more than plain furniture objects. Almost like actors in a play. Lina Nordqvist’s Family Chairs were presented as a graduation project at Beckmans School of Design with the intention of exploring the Swedish tradition of stick back chairs, and taking the concept of a very economic use of wood into a contemporary setting. The well-known traditional chair is suddenly back en vogue, acquiring a new appeal all of its own. “I’m fascinated by objects, and I like when they have their own precious individuality, something beyond mere technological functionality.” MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, picked up the first shipment of Family Chairs for last year’s autumn collection. And it is hardly surprising that the Family Chairs seem to be made for the stage, since Lina has pursued a career as a professional set designer in the Swedish movie industry for several years. The Family Chairs are available in beech, black, and in March 2010 also in a white-lacquered version.
Family Chairs won the Accent on Design Award in New York August 2009, and was also awarded with Swedish Elle Decoration’s Design Award in 2010.

Aren’t they beautiful? I love this chairs.

Keep inspired and feelgood womanhood!!!

Ci vediamo presto!!! see you soon!!


Nice to be a Miss López reader! Viva LOPEZ code & discounts and Miss López´s events!

I´m back! MISS LOPEZ!! I have missed blogging so much these last two days. I still have a cold but nothing like blogging to cheer me up. Viva Feelgood Blogging!! 🙂

So still with a cold I had some interesting meetings today so after all I am very happy about it. In the first picture you see me with FROGPEARL pearls , really nice and from now on till the end of August all Miss Lopez´s readers can get a very special discount at their webbshop with the code LOPEZ. Isn´t it cool? I think so! 🙂 So if you love fresh water, ecological pearls made with “real love” from China, use the LOPEZ code when you order one of those and you´ll get 15% discount. Only to the end of August. Perfect for the summer! And only for Miss Lopez readers, cool! 🙂

In the second picture you see a pair of shoes from Morena of Sweden: Design your own shoes! So if you want your dream comes true, a pair of shoes with your own design come to my next event SHOE NIHGT with Miss Lopez at Stureplan. See you there!! I love shoes! My passion!

Viva Women´s passions! and Feelgood!

So now I am going to decide which outfit and shoes I am going to wear tomorrow at Vasaparken Midsommer celebration with Miss Miranda and Feelgood! and then more celebrations with a friend!!

Sweet Midsummer dreams about Miss Lopez & Miss Miranda and Feelgood!  🙂



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