A Caribbean music & dance in Spanish to celebrate Miss Miranda is coming to Scandinavia, Sweden by Miss López!

Hello! MISS LOPEZ is back! I´ll be blogging back soon with the news from these last days but meanwhile I´d like to express my joy Miss Miranda is coming to work at MISSLOPEZ in Sweden for the whole summer. I am getting so excited! Aren´t you? 🙂 Let´s have a party with Miss Miranda in Stockholm when she is coming!! I love it 🙂
Let´s celebrate it with the  the Caribbean rhythms anywhere you are from the best couple of  artists and business minded Latinos ever! López & Marc Anthony. I must say I love the music of Marc Anthony. Lisen to him in Spanish! The artists in the video as you can see put the finishing touch to the semi-final contest American Idol, which has had J.Lo as jury , whose last show also featured a performance by Beyoncé Knowles and Lady Gaga, who also have new items such days.
Let´s party with the best Latin touch ever anywhere you are!
Viva Feelgood Womanhood with a latin touch: Miss López! 🙂