Miss Marisa’s Cannes: Pedro Almodovar and ‘The skin I live in’ ‘La piel que habito’


Ciao a tutti, this is Miss Marisa from Rome. First of all I would like to thank Miss Lopez and Miss Barcelona for the Tickets Bar fantastic tip, I will go and taste any tapa. Today we’re going to talk about cinema, one of my favorites subjects.
‘The Skin I live in’ is one of favorites films in Cannes this edition and as Almodovar still haven’t got any Palm d’or we hope this can be the great “moment” to win one.
The film is the eerie story of a plastic surgeon and his experiments in creating
a new skin that can withstand the burns his wife suffered after a car
accident. The tale is an adaptation of the 2005 novel Tarantula (Mygale) by crime writer
Thierry Jonquet, and also follows the doctor seeking revenge against the man who raped his daughter.
The film is the first horror for Pedro Almodovar who calls it the harshest film he has written and describes Banderas’s character as “a brutal psychopath,” I know It’s
difficult to think Banderas- Zorro as the enemy but from the trailer you’ll understand how unbelieving frightening he is on this film.
Almodovar and Banderas, as you remember, had worked together on film Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! in 1990: Atame as original title.
The Skin I Live In also features the great Marisa Paredes, Fernando Cayo, Jan Cornet, and more. Previous collaborators with Almodovar include composer Alberto Iglesias, director of photography Jose Luis
Alcaine and editor José Salcedo.
As a super fan of Almodovar films I can not wait to see it. The film releases on August 26 in the UK, September 2 in Spain, October 20 in Germany, and November 18 in France, Italy and the US.
Tomorrow is the last day for Cannes: Keep your fingers crossed for Pedro!! and Feelgood womanhood!!