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Miss Lopez News: "I am a woman, I have rights" and nice having Scandinavian salmon for lunch..

Hello amigos! MISS LOPEZ is back 🙂 I find kind of relaxing blogging to you before going to bed. The best moment for me to blogg so I capitulate the whole day before. I´ve just got a call from a guy from India who wants to make an app for Miss Lopez as it seems many over there like my blogg and see the potential. What do you think about that? Nice so far away from Sweden as in India people love Miss Lopez´s blogg! 🙂

So I am going to be short tonight. Today after having my Herbalife shake for breakfast that I love and a really nice business lunch (Check the picture!) at Sjöpaviljongen with Eric Martin from Connect, I went to the Growth Institute in Sweden. There I was invited as Ambassador for women´s entrepreneurship in Sweden and I must say it was very interesting to lisen to Henrietta about her trip to USA. She told us she has been all over the country to contribute to women´s entrepreneurship as representant for the Swedish Growth Institute, Tillväxtverket having really interesting seminars about this issue. She had the change to be at the United Nations, lisen to Mrs Obama and even Hillary Clinton on the screen. Really Cool! I wish I were there too! 🙂 Henrietta started her seminar saying that all Americans are very aware about their citizen´s rights so what a better opportunity to realize the importance of being aware of your rights as a woman too, all women! That´s what Women´s Ambassadors for entrepreneurship are for! Cool! Still a lot to do about these issues, don´t you think so? Fight for your rights and Feelgood!

And to finish the working day, a nice mingling at restaurant Undici, Östermalm for entrepreneurship too. Cool! 🙂 There Bar Deli manager in the picture. Time to win! 🙂

See the importance of having a good breakfast to cope all day!.  If you´re in Stockholm, do not miss my Info event about giving to your body the nutrition your body needs. Very important, check it out!

Well Hasta la vista babies!

I am getting so excited Miss Miranda is coming all the way from Italy and Spain to Sweden, aren´t you? Sleep well tonight by Miss Lopez+++

Miss Barcelona-Shakira celebrated the Champions with the players and I celebrated it in Pacha Stockholm



Singer Shakira dances in front Gerard Pique and his teammates during her concert in Barcelona


with pacha go go dancers

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with some news about the Champions League celebrations in Barcelona and how I celebrate it in Stockholm. 😉
As you can see in the video, last Sunday the 29th, FC Barcelona’s fans were all over the city following “LA RUA”, the parade, leaded by the bus were the players were dancing and singing, celebrating the victory. VIVA FC BARCELONA’S FANS!!!! 😉
The bus went all the way from Camp Nou stadion, to the center of the city and then back in a trip that took around 3 hours, once in the stadium, all the players and the coach, Pep Guardiola, gave several speeches to the more than 90000 fans congregated there, when Pique’s turn arrived, he made a very clear statement: “We don’t take drugs, we don’t fake injuries, we don’t buy referees, we just play football” and he added “ see you all tonight at Shakira’s concert”. And it looks like all the players were there and some of them, lead by Pique, even went up to the stage and at least try to move their hips like the Colombian star. VIVA FC BARCELONA AND VIVA SHAKIRA!!!!! 🙂
But I also wanted to celebrate the well deserved victory, so since the Spanish club brand PACHA was having it first party in Stockholm, I decided that it would be a good way of celebrating, look at me with my FC Barcelona scarf posing with the go go dancers that were greeting the guest at the door. You would think I am crazy but I had to bring my scarf with me. 😉
Pacha is a worldwide known club brand, house of the most amazing parties in the planet, Dj’s as David Guetta, Swedish house Mafia, Bob Sinclair, Eric Morillo, had had residencies in Pacha Ibiza for several years. This Spanish brand was founded by Ricardo Urgell the 22on of July of 1967 in the nearby Barcelona town of Sitges, they spread all over the country, Ibiza’s opened on 1970 and Madrid’s in 1980. But ther international expansion arrived on 1987 when they start opening clubs internationally. Pacha not only consolidates itself  by owning clubs but by organizing Pacha parties in several other clubs all over the world, like the one that took place in Stockholm last Saturday.
Pacha decorations, Pacha go go dancers, and of course Pacha DJ’s: Sebastian Gamboa, one of the most renewed Spanish Dj’s thanks to his work in Ibiza trough the last 20 years!!, he is one the indispensables of Ibiza’s nights.  We also could see StoneBridge there, he is a very well known Swedish Dj that has being in the profession for 20 years and has several number one in the Swedish and UK, and other 24 countries’ charts.
The atmosphere was amazing, amazing music, a great show and very happy Pacha lovers, it was like being in Spain!, I miss it so much, I am very happy because I will be there on the summer. VIVA SPAIN!!! 😉
Don’t miss the special on Ibiza that I will be doing on the summer with the best parties, the best clubs and of course the best beaches, only for you my dear Miss Lopez’s community. VIVA MISS LOPEZ COMMUNITY!!! 😉
Stay connected for the best information, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA LATIN TOUCH!!! 😉

Miss López getting ready for my business lunch tomorrow 12:30 at Sjöpaviljongen, Alvik. I love Scandinavian salmon!

Hello MISS LOPEZ is here with You all again! I´ve missed you already! And Miss Miranda is coming to Scandinavia too now…I should take her to my events and minglings in Stockholm, don´t you think so? 🙂
I must say I LOVE being a business woman. I really do: Miss Lopez´s cup of tea! 🙂 So Yes today after having my Herbalife shake at home and a webbseminar today and a meeting  with a Scandinavian fashion designer, (so cool!) now I am getting ready at home for my next business meeting of tomorrow: a business lunch! Nothing like a nice lunch to talk business, don´t you think so?. Well I´d rather tell you more later on… So tomorrow I´ll be having my business lunch at Sjöpaviljongen with Swedish tastes in mind. So tasty!!! 😀
I normally talked about tapas and Spanish cuisine but I must confess to you I LOVE Scandinavian salmon! Nothing like to try the food from the original place: Scandinavian salmon in Scandinavia 🙂 I think I am going to order lax I mean salmon tomorrow at Sjöpaviljongen, Alvik, Bromma at 12:30. I am looking forward to it!!
And then in the afternoon meeting for women´s entrepreneurship at Götgatan, Stockholm, Sweden and more… Talk to you later!
More about salmon recipes here
Viva business women all over the world and Feelgood!

Miss Marisa's Photography world: The Sochi Project or a new way of making documentaries.


Buon lunedì a tutti ( good monday), I know is the end of may and sumer is here, be patient and soon you’ll go on vacation, maybe to the fantastic places we all have suggested here at, specially the last ones Miss Miranda’s Pisa, Lucca and Siena in amazing Tuscany and Oleiros in great Galizia, I would add Mera beach, always in Oleiros.

Today we have this amazing documentary project, The Sochi project.

In 2014, the Olympic Games will take place in Sochi, Russia. Never before have the Olympic Games been held in a region that contrasts more strongly with the glamour of the Games than Sochi. Just 20 kilometres away is the conflict zone Abkhazia. To the east the Caucasus Mountains stretch into obscure and impoverished breakaway republics such as Cherkessia, North Ossetia and Chechnya. On the coast old Soviet sanatoria stand shoulder to shoulder with the most expensive hotels and clubs of the Russian Riviera.

Between now and 2014 the area around Sochi will change beyond recognition. The extreme makeover is already underway; refugee flats and poverty-stricken resorts are disappearing at high speed from the partly fashionable, partly
impoverished seaside resort of Sochi. Thousands of labourers from across Russia and abroad live in prefab accommodation in order to have the stadiums, hotels and modern infrastructure finished on time. Helicopters fly backwards and
forwards with building materials. The economic crisis is glossed over as much as possible.
Photographer Rob Hornstra and writer/filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen plan to document the changes in the area around Sochi over the coming five years. The Sochi Project will be a dynamic mix of documentary photography, film and
reportage about a world in flux; a world full of different realities within a small but extraordinary geographic area.
The Sochi Project is a unique, in-depth and as such a costly project. Dutch newspapers and magazines are unable to undertake or afford a project of this scale. We think it is important that independent, documentary journalism continues to exist. That’s why we are doing it ourselves. You can make your own contribution, by becoming a donor of The Sochi Project.

So if you want, be part of it and feelgood womanhood!!

Arrivederci e buona settimana!!

Miss López is going to the end of the world in July…I mean Oleiros in Galicia, Spain!

Hola amigos this is Oleiros, where MISS LOPEZ is going to spend summer vacations this July!

Yes these are some views close to my place there. I hope you like them! 🙂

Did you know, this region in Spain, GALICIA used to be considered where the world ended until Columbus “discover” the New World? It´s true! In Latin the Romans called this area Finisterrae or in other worlds, The End of the World!!! 🙂 So cool!

It´s so beautiful out there and for sure you can find the best beaches in Spain and probably the best seafood in the world too!! Lovely! It´s gonna be lovely!, don´t you think so? The best of it, Galicia, the whole region is kind of undiscovered but this only make it more interesting, more unique… Shall we go?

Yes MISS LOPEZ was born in the end of the world one day, A Coruña and this July is coming back to enjoy it!! Nice! I love Bastiagueiro beach and Santa Cruz too!!

Would you love Miss López  so much to follow me to the end of the world?? 🙂 Discover you too “Finisterrae”, the end of the world in Latin and Feelgood!!!

Feelgood everybody!! Hasta la vista! Meanwhile in Scandinavia! Let´s see!!

Miss Barcelona- Congratulations to the new Champions League champion:FC BARCELONA


guardiola kiss the cup

FC BARCELONA champions leagues' new champion
Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back in a super happy mood due to the victory of FC Barcelona yesterday on Wembley stadium. VIVA FC BARCELONA!!! 😉
The moment that all football fans were waiting for arrived yesterday at 20:45 at Wembley stadium in London, FC Barcelona and Manchester United were going to fight to win the Champions League cup. The game started and Man U demonstrated that they were there to win the tournament, being very offensive and making it difficult for FC Barcelona to control and pass the ball, they signature and well known style of playing. But 27 minutes later and after a very well executed pass by Xavi, Pedro “Pedrito” Rodríguez score a beautiful goal putting the scorer 1-0; happiness didn’t last long, because Man U quickly recovered the ball and a fantastic goal by Rooney set the scorer 1-1.
The glory for FC Barcelona arrived on the second half when they totally dominated the game. Leo Messi, the man of the game, scored a very nice goal right after they started the second half giving FC Barcelona the leadership with 2-1.
The game continued and a fantastic play started again by Xavi, ended up with an amazing goal by David Villa, so the final result was 3-1. I have to tell you that I had the time of my life, screaming and cheering for my team, celebrating each goal, it was sooo much fun and an incrediblely pride to be a Barça fan. VIVA BARÇA!!! 🙂
The most exciting moment was when the players went up to pick up thier medals, the team had decided that  Eric Abidal would be the captain and the one to pick up the cup, this was incrediblely emotional since just a couple of months ago he was diagnose with liver cancer. Abidal has said to the media that the very first day he was diagnose and told the coach, Josep “Pep” Guardiola about it, Guardiola told him: “I am not worry because I know I’ll see you in the Champions League final”, and he did, Abidal not only recive the cup but played the whole game. We send our congratulations to the team and to Abidal for the triumph and for his recovery. FELICIDADES FC BARCELONA!!!!! 😉
I’ll be back soon with more information about the celebrations in Barcelona and how I celebrated in Stockholm in Pacha Stockholm’s party, but you’ll have to wait for now. 😉
Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best information, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA MISS LOPEZ COMMUNITY!!! 😉

Miss López cooking tips at mother´s day: a delicious chocolate cake!

Hola MISS LOPEZ! 🙂 Kind of strange ad the one with Uma Thurman just before…whatever very unexpected. I must say I love good surprises when you less expect them. Don´t you love good surprises too? I do! Surprise me baby!! 🙂

So today it´s a day to celebrate in Sweden, mother´s day! In Spain mother´s day is the 1st of May or the first Sunday in May, I mean so for me mother´s day is then not today. Whatever I know people celebrate it today in Sweden, so why not making a delicious chocolate cake to your mom today and give her a delicious surprise? Remmember all the times she did the best cakes for you when you were kid. Let´s make a chocolate cake today! Don´t you think so?

Here comes my cooking tip of the day for those with a sweet teeth: a chocolate cake made in Madrid Spain and now in Sweden too!

Enjoy this day with your mother: She deserves it! Congartulations to all mothers and women: WE ARE WORTH IT!

And Feelgood womanhood more than ever! by Miss López!

And the winner is: Barcelona! FELICIDADES from Scandinavia!

MISS LOPEZ is happy tonight ! Barcelona is the winner!! Coool! The best football club in the world did it again!! I imagine how Spain is tonight! A BIG party!! 🙂  Congratulations from Sweden!
By the way my friends from Barcelona are coming soon to Stockholm and Miss Miranda too!! Nice so many people are travelling all the way to Scandinavia to see me! Gracias amigos!
And check Messi! Isn´t he great! He thanks Herbalife for helping him to be strong as a rock!! Another good reason to come to my event Is gonna be fun!
You are simply THE BEST! Felicidades! by MISS LOPEZ

Miss Lopez is going to eat "octopus" a la gallega in Oleiros, Galicia. Viva Galician seafood!

Hello! MISS LOPEZ here! Today football on TV. Do you remmember the lovely octopus from the World Cup? I do 🙂 That octopus knew always who the winner were going to be: Spain! 🙂 I´ve heard the Germans wanted to eat it after losing against Spain… so sorry! 🙂
Well I´ll tell you a secret, Miss Lopez loves pulpo to eat, well I mean octopus a la gallega. So simple but so tasty! I am afraid this is very difficult to get in Sweden but in Spain, specially in OLEIROS, A Coruña, Galicia where I am going to spend my summer vacation in July this summer, is a typical dish. I love it! Check the video!
I guess most of you are watching the football match now, the Champions with FC Barcelona. I am sure Miss Barcelona is getting very excited! As we say in Spain, let the best one win and of course I wish Barcelona win. Keep our fingers crossed! 🙂
By the way, did you know octopus has very little fat? Yes and it´s very healthy too! I love seefood and in Galicia you´ll find probably the best seafood in the world! Viva Galician seafood! and Viva Spanish football too! 🙂
Meanwhile do as Messi and learn more about nutrition at my next event! You´re wellcome!
Bienvenidos!!! 🙂 I´ll talk to you later…