News!!: Get hypnotized and Feelgood! by me, Miss Lopez!

Hola! MISS LOPEZ with you again! Today after working and having important meetings…I went to a hypnos session at Catherine Hirote´s home and first of all I´d like to thank her. She has such a good energi and is so generous! She invites people and make events on Facebook about getting good energy and feelgood! Great!

So today I went in the evening to one of her events at home in Stockholm about hypnos. Do you know hypnos can make you feel even better and it´s used as therapy as well? Yes! I must say my favourite subjets are philosophy and psychology in general even social psycology, so I love it! as I´ve learnt new things even today. As we say in Spanish, “nunca te acostarás, sin saber una cosa más” that means something like you´ll never go to bed without learning something new every day! and it´s true!!! 🙂

The hypnotizer said as well hypnos is something much like when you dream about the “love of your dreams” awake!!! Interesting!! 🙂 Would you dare to get hypnotized in from of a lot of people? I have to think about it!! 🙂

For sure hypnos can be very good for your self esteem too, so let you get hypnotized and FEELGOOD! If you dare!

By the way, are you “hypnotized” by Miss Lopez?You´ll feel very goooood! Viva Miss Lopez´s Super powers! 🙂

For ever Feelgood Womanhood!