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A Spanish tortilla by Miss Lopez and the meaning of life at Catherine´s in Stockholm

Hola! MISS LOPEZ back to you! What a wonderful day in Stockholm this last Sunday! A really good reason to celebrate this day with friends at this marvellous terrace in the center of Stockholm. I must say something I like very much about Stockholm is that even if you live right down town you don´t feel you are in a big city as here is so much quiet and green everywhere. A good mixture of urban city and nature. Viva Estocolmo! 🙂

So today I must thank social media again for keeping me in touch with friends, all kinds, old, new…Great!. In this kind of reunion of today I could meet my friend Christoffer Bylock, Björn Karlsson and Catherine Hirota, host and blogger at Energibruden. Check it out! I must thank Catherine for the invitation. Gracias Catherine!

As you can see I came there with my own Spanish tortilla that people really liked it as they said more than once. I´ve been asked for the ingredients and I forgot to tell them than apart from eggs, potaoes, olive oil and a bit of salt, I put a lot of LOVE too! Yes, even when cooking you must put a lot of love to make it really good, as Ferrán Adrián, our Spanish chef used to say! Put love in your kitchen and feelgood!!

As it couldn´t be otherwise, we saw an American movie about the meaning of life in this special day as Sunday at Easter. Cool! Very interesting by the way! I love it  Philosophy, my favourite subject!

A tip from Miss Lopez: while finding the meaning of your life, enjoy at least a good Spanish tasty tortilla! 🙂 You´ll love it!


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