Hairstyles for Spring-Summer 2011: get a new look with a Spanish touch by Miss Lopez!

Hola amigos!! MISS LOPEZ is back with my tips. Today I have a lot of things to write apart from the blog, so I´ll be seating most in front of my computer all day. It doesn´t matter to me as I love writing anyway… 🙂

I must say I love going to the salong and as the Spring is here I was thinking I should get a new look. In fact as we say in Spain, renew yourself or disapeared…something like it, in Spanish “renovarse o morir…”. Yes we all feel the need of following the new trends, even with new hairdresses and styles. New hairstyles are here for the Spring!! Check  out these new looks from the prestigious Spanish hairdresser Cebado. I´ve added one to the boys as well… I hope you like them!

Find your look and Feelgood!! RENEW yourself!!

Hasta la vista babies! I´ll be back!