Miss L贸pez tips: marry this summer with a Spanish wedding dress!

Hola Latin Lovers! 馃檪 MISS LOPEZ say hello to you! I love my posts from Miss Lopez guest bloggers from Italy like Miss Miranda and Miss Marisa!! This must be Love! 馃檪 and Miss Marisol…Thanks all Miss Lopez麓s 聽guest bloggers!

Now I feel Easter is here and I have less to do at work! So today I have met the guy is going to be incorporated from Mexico to help me with Miss Lopez events! VIVA MEXICO!! Cool! I must thank Luisa, Miss Barcelona for the tip! Also I麓ve had a photo session with really nice pictures I may show you another day. We all speak a Latin language, Spanish!!

Now when the wedding season is coming, I麓d like to show this picture from last Bridal Fashion week in Madrid. Nice, isn麓t it? The designer is from Spain and his name is Elio Berhanyer and this model I think is really nice. I must say the Bridal design industry in Spain is very high quality, I know… By the way, did you know I, Miss Lopez used to have my own fashion shop in Stockholm, 脰stermalm years ago, with just wedding dresses and all for the wedding. Yes it麓s true!!! I used to have my own company with just Spanish fashion and I loved it! The only problem I got robbed at night one day I do not want to remmember and all my dresses “disapeared”, gone with the wind! and I had to end my business really at that time, mostly because of that!! C茅st la vie! Too bad…

Now I am entrepreneur again with Miss Lopez! Nice to have my own business again though it麓s a new concept and I love it! See I am a survivor, always fighting for the Feelgood Womanhood spirit!!

I hope you are happy with my wedding tips and now I am thinking of having a wedding blogging serie. Would you like it? So if you are getting married this summer, you麓ll have Miss Lopez wedding tips! Not bad, isn麓t it? I am an expert!! 馃榾

Whatever wedding or not, always FEELGOOD! and Viva el Amor!! A litle kiss and sweet dreams with Miss Lopez!