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So excited! Miss Lopez in Madrid next Thursday! Meanwhile see now Madrid in 3D with Google Earth

Hola amigos! MISS LOPEZ in Sweden in a special day here with Spring celebrations! Time to celebrate! 🙂 Viva la primavera!
Myself I am getting very excited about my trip to MADRID, Spain next Thursday! This is a very special trip to me as it´s sponsored by many companies from Spain like Tour Spain, Iberia, Madrid tourist office, my top hotel in Madrid…in order to show you in my blogg the beauty and grace of the capital of Spain, Madrid! Cool with Miss Lopez blog!
Well as you may already know most of my family is from Madrid, though I have family too in La Coruña, in the north west of Spain, Galicia. I feel too very close to Madrid as my father was a real Madrilian from the big city… 🙂 In fact before I moved to Sweden I used to live in Madrid and it´s so cool!
Now I feel I do not want to tell you too much to keep the mystery but while I am there I am going to blog a lot and take pictures as well so you can see Madrid in real time!!! I know there is a busy schedule waiting for me those days and it´s going to be so much fun! 🙂 Day and Night in Madrid! The city that never sleeps!
I´d be nice if someone of you wants to visit Madrid with me. Would you follow me? Shall we see Madrid together? Let me know! See more info about MADRID. Check it out!
Meanwhile take a tridimensional trip to Madrid with this video from Google Earth! So nice! Viva Madrid! I´ll be staying at Hotel Meninas in the historical very central area. Check it out!
I am looking forward to blogging in Madrid for You! And remmember don´t get too drunk today and wish me well!! Puss, Puss!!

Miss Lopez at Cathrine Lagerqvist´s in the Viking Ekerö, Sweden and Aloe Vera torget in Facebook

Hello amigos! Miss Lopez back to you from Sweden to celebrate the coming of Spring in Sweden as tradition, round a big fire with friends and family. In Sweden it´s called Valborg and I guess this tradition has its roots even fron the Viking time. I must say I´ve always feels fascination for Vikings and in Spain we love Vikings. So Yes Miss Lopez loves Vikings!! 🙂

So yesterday I went to Ekerö where I used to live for many years in Sweden and Ekerö happen to be a main area while the Viking times. Cool!! I am happy I met my old friend Ann-Cathrine Lagerqvist after quite long time not seeing each other. The thing is she works with aloe vera based products or in other words, For ever living products from USA and South America as aloe vera comes from there. Nice! I love aloe vera and I know it´s a very good plant so yesterday she invited me to her home, in the picture on the back of Cathrine and she invited me to a real nice massage for both face and body. Then she did on me a facial cleaning treatment and she put as well a bit of mineral make up on me, and you know what, all products based on aloe vera. Great! I must thank Cathrine very much for the nice treatment done with a lot of care by the way. I trully recommend it!

By tthe way, she is my friend on Facebook and she has a Facebook page you can check: ALOE VERA Torget!

If you are intrested in Aloe Vera products just contact my friend Ann-Cathrine on Facebook and Feelgood!

You know it´s an aazing product to improve your well being, so Feelgood with aloe Vera too! Great! 🙂

Something very good about Viking is their Love for the nature! to make you Feelgood!

Viva la naturaleza y Vivan los Vikingos too!!

Miss Lopez wedding tips : bridal decolletage en V and be not Miss anymore!

Hi there! MISS Isabel Lopez! MISS LOPEZ! 🙂
And finally the best kept secret has been found out! 🙂 Miss Middleton is not Miss anymore and now she is Mrs Catherine Elisabeth Windsor, I hope for ever! Felicidades from Miss Lopez! Myself I found out she is Elisabeth too, or Isabel in Spanish. Yes Elisabeth=Isabel, a Queen´s name for sure!!! 🙂
See I love weddings  and weddings dresses too and as Miss Miranda said she had a fantastic dress, chic and beautiful and I agree with Miss Miranda I´d also have it myself in my own wedding… 🙂 Thank You Miss Miranda for your post and being so updated! Gracias!
And my wedding tip of today is the same style as the future Queen of England had today at her wedding: IN V. These necklines accentuate the shape of the breast, and can be both discrete and very deep. Its court-shaped vee neck lengthens, and makes you look more stylish and in line with shoulders. Myself I think the combination with lace and V decolletage is so beautiful! I love it! 🙂
Viva the wedding dress of the future Queen of England, Catherine Elisabeth!
Felicidades and Vivan los novios!!
More about Fashion…Check it out!

Miss Barcelona-High lights from Santiago Bernabeu

champions league semifinals at miss lopez

Good morning my dear Miss Lopez’s community, how’s live treating you?, I hope you are enjoying of this fantastic spring!, I love how Stockholm is blossoming and getting full of green leafs and flowers. VIVA LA PRIMAVERA!!! VIVA SPRING!!!! 😉
Miss Barcelona is back with some football news; as most of you already know, Real Madrid and Barcelona met for the 3rd time this month in the first round of the Champions League semifinals last Wednesday the 27th of April in Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.
What a game!!!, the game was very tight, we are talking about the best teams in the world so it was very exciting to watch a game with such quality. Tension was in the air and we saw a some passionate encounters between some of the players of both teams.
The atmosphere was hot and Pinto from Barcelona, got a red card on the half time break, later on the second half, Pepe from Real Madrid was sent out with a red card, Mourinho’s protests to the referee weren’t taken so good and the coach was sent to the public grade.
Finally Leo Messi scored two goals that placed Barcelona on the lead of this semifinal, and Messi on the covers of most of the newspapers around the world giving him several compliments like in this picture from The Mirror in UK.
But the game is not over yet, let’s not forget that Real Madrid is a high level team and if Barcelona wants to be the team going to the final in Wembley Stadion next 29th of May, they have to work hard for it; so we’ll have to wait to next Tuesday 3rd of May, OH MY GOD, this is so exciting! VIVA SPANISH FOOTBALL!!!! 🙂
Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best information, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA MISS LOPEZ!!! 😉

Miss Lopez wedding tips nr 3 this Wednesday: bride asymmetric decolletage

Hola !!!!
Miss Lopez is back with my wedding tip nr 3! Asymmetric bridal decolletage. This style become fashionable for some seasons ago, and it´s usually associated with asymmetrical neckline dress drapes and falls soft fabrics, inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, but the fact it can be applied to all types of clothing. Cover  by a shoulder and leave the other open.
In fact, if there is a Latin style, it should be this one. I love anciant style from Rome and Greece!! Yes I do! 🙂 In fact I love Roman films from Hollywood and my favourite one is Gladiator with Russel Crowl !! So why not try this “ancient” style and make it new! This is what I call renewal! 🙂 As there is nothing like the classics! Sometimes you don´t need keep looking for! What it´s good, can last for ever!!
Feelgood Womanhood for ever and Feelgood!!!
More about Fashion from Spain, so check it out!

Today Miss Lopez at Swedish Export Awards and the King of Sweden at the City Hall Stockholm

Hello! Today I feel good but very sleepy…after the hypnos session of yesterday 🙂  so I am going to be quite short. In the pictures you see me at the City Council but before that I have been at WTC in Stockholm. The thing is today was the Swedish Export awards and the King of Sweden was also there.

I must say it was really interesting to lisen to Björn from ABBA, Odd Molly fashion  and all the Swedish companies  reunited there. I think there is a lot to learn about the Swedish export policy but as the Export Minister said today in Sweden is most focus on technic innovations but it would be good to help the creative companies as well, in fashion, food, art…So good I think! By the way, music of Lisa Nilsson that I love!

The best apart from the event itself, the company of colleges, and the tasty Scandinavian food, was the meeting I have had with a woman in charge of this export department in Madrid as I want to introduce s Swedish fashion label in Spain. She was so nice and got in a second the meening of Feelgood Womanhood, for women to help each other…Cool! So now when I am travelling to Madrid next 5th of Maj for the weekend, I am going to meet Gunilla there to find partners for Miss Lopez. Nice!!

I look forward to travelling to Madrdi next week!! Who is coming with me??? 🙂 It´be great! Don´t you think? Being with Miss Lopez in Spain, Madrid too!!

Viva Spain, Sweden and the international business connections!

And now, El Clasico on TV: footbal Barcelona-Real Madrid!! Qué gane el mejor!!

Talking about food… I like this new trend in Sweden: getting an order on internet of good food right at your door. Nice!

Miss Lopez wedding tips: bride decolletage nr 2, "palabra de honor"!

Hi there Lovers of Miss Lopez tips!
A promise is a promise!
MISS LOPEZ here with my wedding tips! In other words, I gave you my word of honor to give you a new tip about wedding decolletage every day this week and that´s what I am doing! By the way I hope you are not too hypnotized by my tips after my last post! 😀
In fact, as least in Spain we call this kind of decolletage “Palabra de honor” or word of honor! Never better said! 🙂
I´ll tell you about this wedding decolletage, one of my favourite ones:
Word of honor. One of the most universal necklines. The strapless dress is perfect for princess line, and provides a very feminine look to the shoulder line. It suits nearly all brides.
Waiting for the big wedding this weekend in UK…to be continued tomorrow with my wedding tip nr 3! Stay tuned at Miss Lopez!
More info about Fashion from Spain and feelgood!
Ciao amigos!+++

News!!: Get hypnotized and Feelgood! by me, Miss Lopez!

Hola! MISS LOPEZ with you again! Today after working and having important meetings…I went to a hypnos session at Catherine Hirote´s home and first of all I´d like to thank her. She has such a good energi and is so generous! She invites people and make events on Facebook about getting good energy and feelgood! Great!

So today I went in the evening to one of her events at home in Stockholm about hypnos. Do you know hypnos can make you feel even better and it´s used as therapy as well? Yes! I must say my favourite subjets are philosophy and psychology in general even social psycology, so I love it! as I´ve learnt new things even today. As we say in Spanish, “nunca te acostarás, sin saber una cosa más” that means something like you´ll never go to bed without learning something new every day! and it´s true!!! 🙂

The hypnotizer said as well hypnos is something much like when you dream about the “love of your dreams” awake!!! Interesting!! 🙂 Would you dare to get hypnotized in from of a lot of people? I have to think about it!! 🙂

For sure hypnos can be very good for your self esteem too, so let you get hypnotized and FEELGOOD! If you dare!

By the way, are you “hypnotized” by Miss Lopez?You´ll feel very goooood! Viva Miss Lopez´s Super powers! 🙂

For ever Feelgood Womanhood!

Miss Lopez wedding tips: Bride decolletage nr 1, "boat" style

Hola amigos y amigas! MISS LOPEZ here!! How are you doing today? I don´t know if I am going to get married this summer 🙂 but for sure a new Royal wedding is just round the corner in UK in just few days. Cool! Miss Middleton and Prince William are getting married, the wedding season is here so I decided to start a new wedding serie in my blog: Miss Lopez wedding tips! once a day, all this week! I hope you like my wedding fashion tips!
As you know I used to have my own wedding/party shop with cloths from Spain at Karlavägen Stockholm  long time ago so we´ll focus on the decolletage in this serie, one of the most important things to think of when buying a wedding dress, so check it out!
Today, Miss Lopez wedding tips nummer 1 about decolletage in “boat” style, one of my favourites and the one Prince Victoria had a her wedding last year. So romantic!
Boat Style like the one is the pictures. The boat neckline is rounded and is characterized by a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, front and back of the dress. It is unobtrusive, fits perfectly with the shoulders and usually a favorite of brides looking for a classic traditional wedding.
And You, would you marry with this kind of decolletage?  I wonder which one will use Miss Middleton…
Have a nice day waiting for my second wedding tip and Feelgood!! 🙂
Vivan los novios!! By the way check more about Fashion from Spain
Viva la moda Española!

A Spanish tortilla by Miss Lopez and the meaning of life at Catherine´s in Stockholm

Hola! MISS LOPEZ back to you! What a wonderful day in Stockholm this last Sunday! A really good reason to celebrate this day with friends at this marvellous terrace in the center of Stockholm. I must say something I like very much about Stockholm is that even if you live right down town you don´t feel you are in a big city as here is so much quiet and green everywhere. A good mixture of urban city and nature. Viva Estocolmo! 🙂

So today I must thank social media again for keeping me in touch with friends, all kinds, old, new…Great!. In this kind of reunion of today I could meet my friend Christoffer Bylock, Björn Karlsson and Catherine Hirota, host and blogger at Energibruden. Check it out! I must thank Catherine for the invitation. Gracias Catherine!

As you can see I came there with my own Spanish tortilla that people really liked it as they said more than once. I´ve been asked for the ingredients and I forgot to tell them than apart from eggs, potaoes, olive oil and a bit of salt, I put a lot of LOVE too! Yes, even when cooking you must put a lot of love to make it really good, as Ferrán Adrián, our Spanish chef used to say! Put love in your kitchen and feelgood!!

As it couldn´t be otherwise, we saw an American movie about the meaning of life in this special day as Sunday at Easter. Cool! Very interesting by the way! I love it  Philosophy, my favourite subject!

A tip from Miss Lopez: while finding the meaning of your life, enjoy at least a good Spanish tasty tortilla! 🙂 You´ll love it!