Rolling up “the Red Carpet” for Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez soon

Hello everybody! MISS LOPEZ here. Of course I could not go to sleep before writing to you!! 🙂

Today I felt really sleepy all day as I am working with my new event, Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez in cooperation with Groupon un Sweden. Check this out! I must say I am very happy to inform you that on the 7 th and 13 th of April, the event will be held at Alfombra Roja´s office, Drottninggatan 89, 12 floor, Stockholm, a business matchmaking company in Sweden. The manager, Maribel, Maria+Isabel like me is from Valencia and she is a great professional! Great! and a real business woman!! and from Spain like me!! 🙂 So if you are looking for business betwen Sweden and Spain and more, check Alfolbra Roja´s site: Viva Spanish women in Sweden!! Thanks Maribel! Who said Spanish women are not business minded? Of course we are! Specially if the name is Isabel, like Queen Isabel from Spain!! 🙂

By the way, do you know that Alfombra Roja mean? It means Red Carpet! I like it! That´s why I am saying I am getting ready to roll up the red carpet for my event in order you to feel good. Cool!!

So today I have had a great lunch in the company of Miss Barcelona! See us working hard! 🙂 and then a meeting with the always nice and very well educated Andreas Giallourakis. I am happy to inform you as well that from now on we, at Miss Lopez will bring you news from the NGO organization he is working for, Tie nordic, specially now that they will be having an event for women entrepreneur. Check it out!

I think, and I am sure Miss Barcelona as well, by the way in the picture with him at Stureplan, he deserves a LOPEZ award 🙂 for the great undertanding for Miss Lopez´s concept: Feelgood Womanhood! As he said according to him, you´d better release old beliefs about how you should do things  and instead find your own way in order to make success. I agree completely and do not forget to Feelgood as well, we mean enjoy life! That´s the most important! I´ll be coming with more news about it so to be continued! Great!

Enjoy life doing your business not matter if you are a man or a woman! Find your own way to sucess and Feelgood!!!