Miss Lopez´s tips: a bit of Spain in Debaser, Stockholm the 9th of April

Hello amigos! Thanks Miss Marisa, or should I say Marisa Perez, from Spain, Galicia grown up in Venezuela living now in Rome?… I am so happy an old friend from La Coruña, Spain is blogging at Miss Lopez! Big Hugg Marisa to you from Stockholm! A toast for the old days too!

On my God! I am so busy getting ready for my Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez in Stockholm!! Cool there is so much interest for the Spanish cuisine in Sweden though it´s a lot of work! Cool, anyway! 🙂 Thank you by the way to those coming to my Tapas night! 🙂 Yes I feel one of my mission is to share to you the good things of the country I come from: Spain! I am sure you´ll love my tips, won´t you? 🙂

Today I got this tip: Spanish music at DEBASER on the 9th of April. For sure I´ll be there! Are you coming with me? I hope to see you there!! 🙂 More info at

And another tip for you that love so much the Spanish taste in your kitchen with Miss Lopez. During all this week at ICA Kvantum, Liljeholmen in Stockholm as well, there is a big event about Spanish food with wine and tapas tasting, where you can even win a trip to Spain. Cool, isn´t it? 🙂  I must say, I love these kind of events and for sure you can count with me. Miss Lopez will be there on Friday and maybe Saturday!!!!! 😀 Come you too and Feelgood!!!

Nice with a bit of Spain in Sweden and FEELGOOD. Viva the Spanish taste everywhere!!!

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