The world of blogging, the world of possibilities…

Hello from the world of bloggers, the world of possibilities! MISS LOPEZ miss you already! Right now I am having a meeting for bloggers at Clarion, Skanstull, Stockholm.

I am amazed about the possibilities of having my blogg! Great! Today I have met my marketing assistant, and we came to the conclusion that you´d better look at the right side of life! I agree!. See the possibilities and not just the limits! 🙂

Something I love about having my blogg is that I find people at any age, both men and women reading my blogg, from 13 to 80+. Isn´t it good? Read my blogg and Feelgood!

Here Peter in the second picture with many ties at work, at the NGO I work a few hours a week at Riddarholmen, one of Miss Lopez´s readers, everyday! He told me he would love to wear Miss Lopez T-shirt as soon it´s possible. Great! I love it!

Then bloggers and more at Clarion waiting for the party to start! One of the sponsors is Oshee drink and we have had the change to try this drink specially for you doing sports! And it tastes really good too!

Soon I´ll be coming back home after getting my goody bag!

More news coming soon! And remmember everyday is a step forward in Miss Lopez project! Follow me! 🙂

Viva the possibilities of blogging and Feelgood!

Feelgood Womanhood!