A good place to make business…Check it out!

Hola amigos! MISS LOPEZ again, at least once a day! 🙂 I hope you like me 🙂 I feel like an English apple 🙂 “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” or should I say “a Miss LopezÂŽs post a day keeps your doctor away…”. Fun! 🙂 Stay with me and Feelgood!
By the way, tomorrow, IŽll be having a party after 5 oŽclock, tea time,  just for bloggers at Clarion Hotel, Södermalm so more news are coming tomorrow and parties!!
Now in most parts of Europe is already Spring, specially in the South of Europe. I have just found this video about Spain and I like it! Spain, a place where business meets pleasure! I have been already in most of the places shown in this video and I think itÂŽs great! Well, I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. Me longing now for the Spring to come. Yes I know I have told you this a few times already but the thing is I canÂŽt wait any longer…I need this new season to come, the Spring!!! 🙂
In fact I wouldnÂŽt mind to travel to Spain for a weekend. What about Madrid? (in the first picture and more) I love Madrid in the Spring and the temperature is just perfect, “lagom” in Swedish. There for sure IÂŽll have the change to meet family, make business and Enjoy!!! 🙂 Are you coming with me?… I promise IÂŽll blog to you when I go.
I need my readers and I need Spain!!! Who said you can not mix business and pleasure together? LetÂŽs do it!
Viva business+pleasure and FEELGOOD! Viva Spain! 🙂