Miss Lopez´s News: Tortilla Española for tonight, Qué rica!

Good evening from Sweden!!! MISS LOPEZ again with you tonight! Today I have been much more relaxed after having a really good sleep when I came home yesterday from my last mingling with Miss Barcelona and friends at Stockholm Connection. Check it out! Nothing like a good night sleep, isn´t it? 🙂

And today, morning´s meeting with a friend at the Old town in Sweden. He is from Croatia and we never stopped joking…Apart from that, we had a good talk as well about business as one of my next projects is having my own App, Miss Lopez app! I am amazed as I have been called from “almost” all over the world from companies interested in doing a Miss Lopez´s app. Cool isn´t it? Shall we do it? 🙂

And then someone at work having a birthday´s cake. What a cake! Looks good, isn´t it?

And now writing to you from home after cooking a Spanish tortilla. Oh Dear, it was really so delicious! So simple but so tasty! Today, I could use for the first time the special cake server I got from Vikingsun and I love it! Really coool!!! Now I am getting ready for my event, Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez! meanwhile check this video and find out how to make a really good Spanish tortilla:

Enjoy a Spanish tortilla tonight you too and Feelgood!!!

FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD everybody! Sleep well tonight with my News: Miss Lopez News…

To be continued…