Tour Spain, Miss Lopez, Equiberia, Kattis&co, Filmlance, journalist Thomas Gustafsson…and a toast with Spanish Tempranillo

Hello amigos! I am writing to you all from home after a wonderful night at an event with TOUR SPAIN and Equiveria at Stureplan. I must say I really enjoyed it though I had been tired after all my business meetings during the day. Time flyes when having fun! What an intense business day! but I love it! 🙂

I am so happy I can inform you about so many interesting happenings going around in Stockholm these days about Spain. Cool, isn´t it?, as it makes me feel so good! Like this one a few hours ago really, a presentation of riding horses holidays at Sierra de Gredos and even in Menorca. I am so happy that new tourism companies like Equiberia, show a different Spain, not only sun and beaches…as there is much more to discover!. Nothing wrong with that really but I do think Spain has much more to offer, quality experience travels for exempel! and much, much more! I know…so make up your mind to enjoy the good life style quality of Spain, ´cause you´ll love it! 🙂

In this really nice party I have had the change to meet Swedish media people like the journalist, at Aftonbladet before, Thomas Gustafsson, expert in Spain and Spanish culture, Tv people, Elisabet Garcia at Kattis&co, film producer with Beck´s films among others at Filmlance, Tomas Michaelsson.. Really nice guy that loves San Sebastian in Spain close to France (I love San Sebastian too, such nice city!). He told he may send me a film to show you on my blog, so just wait and see! He said we may plan a trip with friends to San Sebastian for his birthday, so cute! Let´s do it! 🙂

Well my Dears, a really nice evening for sure with all you can expect from a Spanish party, good tapas, delicious jamón serrano, nice music, wonderlful company and of course a glass of Spanish good wine like Tempranillo!. See the toast we had? Have a look in my last picture!

Let´s make a toast for a long life together my Dear readers and FEELGOOD! Miss Lopez with you for ever!

Viva the wonderful Spanish lifestyle and Feelgood Womanhood everybody! Viva Tourism in Spain!

To be continued soon…:)