Tapas provning with Miss Lopez. Special offer at Groupon!

Hello amigos! Picture by Sorri from a reportage in Sweden last summer. Now I am on my way to wine tasting at Prime Wine Bar at Östermalstorg, a special event for blogger, so I´ll let you know later on. And you know what, I haven´t told you that today, there is a special offer held in Stockholm, only a Groupon. Tapas Provning with Miss Lopez so check it out!

The telephon keeps ringing and almost I do not have time to anything else, so join you too the party with Miss Lopez and enjoy!. There you´ll have the change to try real Spanish tapas, learn how to do it and many more good surprises…with Miss Lopez! 🙂

I am afraid I must go but take your change as I think this special offer is only during today!!! Good Luck!!
Try Spanish Tapas with Miss Lopez and FEELGOOD!