Miss Marisa’s Revolutions we need. Steven Johnson:Where good ideas come from

Buona domenica – good sunday- a tutti!!
This is Miss Marisa again from warm Rome and the fact that Miss Lopez is always in amazing places like Urban Deli, reminds me one Ted conference where Steven Johnson talks about ‘bars’ important place for latin and not only latin culture and you’ll see why in the conference.
Steven Berlin Johnson is the best-selling author of six books on the intersection of science, technology and personal experience.
 His upcoming work,  Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation , tells the fascinating stories of great ideas and great thinkers across disciplines. 
No mere chronicler of technology, Johnson is himself a longtime innovator in the web world: He was founder and Editor in Chief of FEED, one of the earliest and most interesting online magazines. He cofounded, an intriguing website that maps online conversations to real-world neighborhoods.
This is his site:
I would like to wish ‘good luck’ to Miss Lopez for her thesis about Feelgood Networking, blogging and social media, We all keep our finger crossed!!!
And I hope you find some good ideas, we all need them, and feelgood womanhood!!!