Shakira meets “Shakiro”…Check it out!

Hello! Miss Lopez here. I have just read the news from Hola, that I love and look at this! Shakira meets “Shakiro” as this man from Chile really sings and sounds like her, Shakira! IsnÂŽt it amazing? 🙂 By the way, do you know Shakira has now a Spanish boy friend, football player from Football Club Barcelona and he, PiquĂ© 10 years younger than her said to the media that he is in Love with her? So romantic! It seems like Shakira loves all about Spain and I can undertand her!. I am sure she must be very happy! and with “Shakiro” too, donÂŽt you think so? 🙂
Check it out and Feelgood! Fun, isnÂŽt it?
Have fun this Saturday too. Myself I think I am going to have a lot of fun at Urban Deli at 02:00 eating Spanish tapas and lisening to nice music from Spain. An a big and red Spanish surprise coming too! Share the news and Enjoy you too!
See you tomorrow and Feelgood!
Feelgood Womanhood with Shakira! So cute!