Miss Marisa’s in 150 anniversary of Italy’s Unity

Buon Giorno a tutti!
Today is a great day in Italy because here  we are celebrating the 150 anniversary of Italy’s unity, so if you see the italians celebrating today this is the reason, even if not all the italians wants unity.
 Under the progressive, liberal leadership of Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour, Sardinia led Italy to final unification. In 1859, after gaining the support of France and England, Cavour, in alliance with the French emperor Napoleon III, seized Lombardy, and in 1860 all of Italy north of the Papal States, except Venetia, was added to Sardinia. Giuseppe Garibaldi, a popular hero and guerrilla leader, led an expedition of 1,000 “Red Shirts” to Sicily in the same year and subsequently seized the southern part of peninsular Italy, which with Sicily constituted the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Garibaldi turned his conquests over to Victor Emmanuel, and in 1861 the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed. Only Venetia and Rome were not included in the new state (the former was added in 1866 and the latter in 1870). Italians at last had their own country.
Lots of exhibitions, events, lessons and many kinds of initiatives are already ongoing for a few days, in some cases also for months, dedicated to patriotism and to Risorgimento, a whole Italian riot movement against foreign oppressors and against devided Italian States for the unification of the country.
Following the official schedule, many museums will keep their doors open for the whole duration of the event as for lot of shops and pubs, and each city that decide to join will organize concerts, lectures and displays indipendently one from another, so if you’re in Italy or in any little Italy do not forget to ask about the special events.
Ciao Ciao and Congratulazioni Italia, Congratulations Italy and keep united and fellgood womanhood!!