Miss Lopez at the Swedish Parliament on St Patrick´s Day

Hello! MISSLOPEZ here writing to you from the Old Town in Sweden at St Patrick´s Day. The thing is there were so many people at the pub waiting outside that I went to a coffe instead and now I am waiting for a friend. So let´s blog and Feelgood! On air!

Today, as you know.  I am Ambassador for women´s entrepreneur in Sweden, so I have been invited to the Parliament to lisen to the Swedish Minister Maud Olofsson among other people and politicians. Viva Women´s right! We still have a lot to fight for! and Feelgood! In the first picture you see Olof Palme´s statue on my back. I  am sure my mother (she loves politics) and people in Spain are going to like it.

Then I have had some very interesting business meetings, see…still now and many good news are coming, I promise ! 🙂 By the way, as my friend said, my computer is my office, don´t you agree? Where my computer is and I can blog, it´s my business and job too! Great ! Viva Feelgood Blogging!

I´ll tell a few plans, next Monday I´ll present my thesis at Stockholm´s University about blogging, so interesting! and on Saturday I´ll be for sure at URBAN DELI again at 2:00. See you! 🙂

Meanwhile have a nice St Patrick´s Day anywhere and FEELGOOD!

FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD with so many good news coming soon!

To be continued…One kiss+