Miss Lopez as now “Miss Spain” too: Viva Spain! and

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Hello my Dears! How are you doing today? MISS LOPEZ is back to You and it´s true!! 🙂 What a day today! 🙂 Ups and downs from morning to evening!! Cést la vie!!! 🙂 in French,  Así es la vida in Spanish! My life is very intense and never boring I must say! Well, the “less” good things I´ll keep them for another day! Let´s focus in the positive! Let´s do it my babies!!

First of all I am very happy as from today, MISSLOPEZ´s blog is also So coool!!! I got the com domain too!!! 🙂 Viva! and this is good news as you can for sure understand!

Then another very good news is that I have got a new collaboration in order to promote turism to Spain!! I´ll tell you more and more but from now on, I´ll be “a kind of” journalist, a proffesional blogger specially for you, with news and tips about where to go or enjoy in Spain. In fact, tomorrow I´ll be going to URBAN DELI at Nytorget, Söder in Stockholm to bring you the news from the Spanish kitchen even in Sweden! Viva Spain and Spanish cuisine! I feel like a MISS SPAIN too 🙂

You know already I love Spain and as I am living abroad I can really see even better the good things about my mother country that miss  so much! I always feel homesick one way or the other, though I love being abroad getting to know new cultures and new experiences. Actually tomorrow  I am going to an event at Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, for those wanting to buy an ecological house in Spain. I miss my house in Spain!!! I miss my swimming-pool! Nice! 🙂

By the way, me with Miss Lopez T-shirt in the first picture, then celebrating at Humanova today (well actually yesterday) with mentors and adepts as I got a mentor for my business there last year and today was the final party. Bye, bye!! 🙂 You can see me with an entrepreneur, Isabell as me! Cool! Viva entrepreneur women as Miss Lopez!!!

And tomorrow dinner by Tillväxtverket at Clarion as I am ambassador for women entrepreneurship in Sweden. I look forward to having a great mingling there too! Viva entrepreneur women everywhere!

Viva Miss Lopez´s tips from Spain from now on, specially for you and FEELGOOD!

Tomorrow I´ll bring news from URBAN DELI so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD everybody!