Miss Lopez´s Tips: high quality fashion just for Dolce Vita lovers

Hi my Dear readers! MISS LOPEZ !!! 😀 How are you doing right now? I am fine but as you may know already I am always looking for the best as I am a Dolce Vita lover when life is at its best! Yes Viva la Dolce Vita and high quality products i fashion!

Didn´t I tell you that I have a new colaboration with a new top fashion designer Amelia Ursache living in Sweden? She is so sweet as well, by the way. The thing is, as she said, high quality and design is worth money so only if you are ready to pay for it, you´ll get her exclusiv cloths. Like this one in the picture that actually you can get by sending me a mail to and I´ll tell you more. I like the fact she has her own style with so much quality and so good cloths! I love it! 🙂

Check AMELIA URSACHE´s site and You´ll feel good!

Viva women in fashion and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!

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