Miss Lopez tips: cold, poor digestion, hangover…the solution in the kitchen!

Hello my Dear Readers! MISS LOPEZ is back! One of the best moments of the day for me is when I can relax writing to you drinking my tea or infusion. I love it! 🙂
Something I miss a lot from my time with my family in Spain is the infusions at home almost all day! 🙂 You know, food has a direct bearing on our health and no one dares to question. In fact for centuries certain products and culinary preparations are used as an antidote with great results. Some examples? Here come Miss Lopez tips in order you to feel really good:
Miss LopezÂŽs Infusions and decoctions
Infusions leaving the leaves and fruit in hot water a few minutes before taking it, while boiling decoctions are leaving the roots, seeds, fruits or stems in water for several minutes. For what?

  • Infusion of sage honey soothes throat irritation.
  • Infusion of lemongrass, is perfect for slow digestion .
  • Infusion of chamomile, lemon balm and thyme, as well as the above, it is also ideal for poor digestion .
  • Decoction of thyme and ginger root, a sprig of thyme and a piece of ginger, two or three inches make a flue little less annoying.
  • Green tea infusion, helps weight loss, improves fat metabolism, is anti-inflammatory and lowers cholesterol, among many other qualities.

Ginger root, cinnamon, allspice, orange peel, orange juice, œ russet, honey, rum (optional).
Simmer gently crushed ginger with cinnamon, allspice, orange rind and apple. Cook for about 7 minutes, serve in a glass of orange juice, honey and a little rum.
Option 1: add to cooking a tangerine halved.
Option 2: an infusion or tea, the addition of orange or lemon juice, honey and grated ginger.

  • chicken soup with a sprig of thyme
    When you have a cold is perfect, like a soup of garlic.
  • Broth and ginger fish
    You can add a dash of chilli and raw shrimp to the boiling broth. Ideal as an aperitif.
  • Broth with onion, artichokes and cardoon .
    This juice cleanser works perfectly when a hangover in the morning.

Well I hope you really like my tips from the times of my grandmother.. 🙂 (one Maria, from Galicia and Antonia, my father®s mother from Madrid). Still very useful these days. I do believe in these kind of natural remedies /recipes, better than going to the drugstore sometimes!
Nothing like natural products in your kitchen to make you feelgood!!!
Viva my grandmother from Spain!! and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD