Miss Lopez News: The Beckham are having a baby girl! Viva!

Buenos Dias! MISS LOPEZ back to you in this Saturday, 12 of March. I was reading the news when I found out this: The Beckham´s are having a baby girl and I am happy for them too. The thing is be careful with what you wish as it may become true. I believe so! You know, you can get it if you really, really want to.
That is certainly what just happened to Victoria and David Beckham so  finally they have fulfilled his dream and are expecting a baby girl (actually a dream for both I guess). Unable to wait any longer to blaze the immense joy he feels at this time, English football player, David Beckham,  one of my favourite men by the way, has confirmed the news at lunch for his team, Los Angeles Galaxy, offered each year to the club’s fans ESPN Zone in Los Angeles.
Congratulation to the Beckham´s from Miss Lopez. Viva Super baby girls and Feelgood!!
And remmember, You can get it IF tou really want!! Miss Lopez motto!!
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