Love at first…Japanese slice! by Miss Lopez

Hello amigos! MISS LOPEZ is back! Thank you Miss Marisa for your last post too! Interesting! I love these TED conference videos by the way, yes the revolutions we need!. Talking about East, I am sorry for the tsunami happened in Japan today.
But talking about Japan, today I have had a very interesting business meeting, as you can see in the pictures from this morning, at VikingSun and I am happy to inform you about this new cooperation with Miss Lopez. VikingSun is a trend-setting lifestyle company providing Sweden’s sharpest knife range and cookware, which gives the quality-conscious delight in the kitchen, perfect for Miss Lopez!. Many from Japan I must say as you can find the “best” ones there. Vikingsun constantly is developing product range in close cooperation with the Swedish chef’s knife and elite academy. Cool!!! 🙂 Check the gratitude card in the first picture, they got from Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel for the present they got from VikingSun when they got married! Nice!
But not only that, they sell Nigella Lawson´s kitchen serie too among other brands! Very exclusive, only for Dolce Vita lovers like Miss Lopez! 🙂 Check it out Nigella Lawson´s chocolate video!
It seems like Miss Lopez has a lot to do with the pleasures of the cuisine as people love it too! Yes Viva Miss Lopez in your kitchen! Great Miss Lopez cuisine news are coming soon!. Let´s cook together with Miss Lopez! Don´t you think so? 🙂
Believe in love at first…sight with Miss Lopez, and FEELGOOD!! `Cause it´s true! Cool!!!
Cooking with Miss Lopez, you´ll feel very good!! FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!