Miss Lopez in a TV-commercial today with Felix Herngren

Hello my Latin lovers everywhere! 🙂 MISS LOPEZ is back at home today after a shooting for a commercial (I am afraid I can not tell you the name of the brand right now) with a Swedish production company, FLX. In the picture you see me with Felix Herngren, famous in Sweden for many TV productions and right now for TV serie Solsidan, that everybody love in Sweden, so popular. I am afraid I am normally so busy with my blog, I do not have time to watch TV.

Anyway, I have been in Solsidan shooting as well as an extra last summer and it was fun. Actually this serie is very popular in Sweden and a lot of fun. I am sure my Swedish readers know very well everything I am saying.

Well, I am so happy as I can see everyday is a step forward in my project: MISS LOPEZ project! and I love it!

So cool doing shootings like this, and so much fun!! 🙂 I feel so goooood!! 🙂 By the way, before that I have had  some meetings at Hotel Anglais at Stureplan and I had the pleasure to meet even today Miss Barcelona. we are getting so close, and she is so much fun. See my Reztart snack! Always with MISS LOPEZ on the go!

Viva Swedish TV shootings! and Miss Lopez´s friends too! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD