Miss Lopez going worldwide, China and…

Hello babies!! How are you doing today? MISSLOPEZ is back with a mission: to cheer you up!! so let´s do it! 🙂 Myself I feel just great after having such a nice treatment yesterday at Lady och Kalufsen for my hair at Sundbyberg, Stockholm. These couple of hairdressers know how to treat your hair with LOVE! 🙂 And the thing is, you have to put love in everything you do in your life to make things right and Feelgoood! Try it you too!!

Well I´ll tell you about today. I am afraid I miss a very interesting breakfast today with Young Investors in Stockholm. Thank God Miss Barcelona could go and she may make a post about it. I think I am going to go to their next breakfast, let´s see! 🙂 By the way, I must Thank Reztart, natural Swedish snacks so much to keep me alert all day!! I am a busy business woman! Muchas Gracias! Viva Reztart snacks!!

And then business meetings all day. Miss Barcelona and Miss Lopez went to visit Maggie from China in the picture in order to make business in China, so why not Miss Lopez going China too? There are a lot of great business possibilities there so let´s do it there! 🙂 I´ll tell you more about it soon. To be continued…By the way, Maggie told me about the big culture differents betwen Sweden and China. There in order to make business you have to become friends first!! I agree! Great let´s become friends then! 🙂

And then at Hotel Anglais signing a contract betwen Miss Lopez and Elle´s awarded Amelia Ursache in order to be an agent for her cloths in both Spain and Sweden. Amelia Ursache fashion only at MISS LOPEZ!! Great! Soon you can buy her cloths here too!

Let´s celebrate business agreements with China and everywhere!!

Great Miss Lopez going worlwide! Viva making business with MISS LOPEZ!! and more are coming!! By the way, LIKE Feelgood Womanhood Community You too and Feelgood! 🙂

Sov Gott! By the way, tomorrow I´ll be having a meeting with my Dear Miss Barcelona (she is so funny!) at Stureplan at noon and then I´ll be working in a shooting at Marriot Hotel in Kungsholmen in the afternoon. More Miss Lopez News with a Latin touch coming soon to You!! Only at Miss Lopez!! 🙂