Great treatment at Lady & Kalufsen yesterday, by Miss Lopez

Hello! MISS LOPEZ! It´s so great to be blogger at Miss Lopez, the thing is I am to busy these days with business for my blog so yesterday I´ve had a wonderful treatment at this new hairdresser in Sundbyberg and it was so great. So great! 🙂

I met Miss Barcelona today after she has been to a breakfast with young investors in Stockholm and it is not until now I have time to write to you.

What a treatment yesterday, the result, a bit of wine, cheese…special for Miss Lopez! Ilove it! 🙂

I recommend you this new hairdresser so Check it out!

Viva treatment at Lady of Lufsen salon and Feelgood!

I´ll be backa and I´ll tell you more! Puss och Kram and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD