Miss Marisa’s place to go : Oliena and Sul Gologone restaurant in Sardinia.


Buon Giorno and Buon lunedì ( monday) Miss Lopez readers!!!

I can not wait  to read  all about Miss miranda’s fashion tips I would also like to skate in Stockholm, too, maybe this year I’ll go and visit Miss Lopez and as tomorrow is international women’s day  I’m so curious to see what Miss lopez is preparing to us.

Ok It’s Sunday and it’s still winter even if we can begin to think about Easter, what are we going to during Easter? Last year I’ve been in Sardinia, island I love, and there you can find Oliena a wonderful country place to go. We’ll talk about the Sardinia sea in another post.

Oliena is one of the traditional centres of Sardinia, Italy, just beneath Punta Corrasi (1463m). The idyllic town is an ideal base for walkers and hikers and a short drive from the East Coast, there is a fantastic typical romantic refuge hotel and Restaurant Su Gologone.

Su Gologone is set in a white charming villa, perfectly blended in the surrounding Supramonte countryside, in the hearth of Sardinia. Enjoy comfortable accommodation and delicious traditional cuisine. Enjoy traditional Sardinian dishes and other specialities for lunch and dinner.

If you feel so cold you can begin to organize  Easter thinking about this piece of paradise in Sardinia.

not only today but also Tomorrow will be  the day to Feelgood Womanhood!!!