Beauty tip 2 from Miss Barcelona-Ice Skating on the sun!!

Hello there my incredible Miss Lopez community, we had an amazing time last Thursday at Miss lopez’s kick off, if you couldn’t come don’t miss out the next Miss Lopez’s events, they really will make you FEELGOOD!!, VIVA!! 🙂
Since the weather is nice and sunny in Stockholm I decided to go ice skating at Östermalms Ip,, with my boyfriend, oh!! It’s so romantic ice skating!! (l)
We had a very good time and It was a perfect work out for my legs and tights, we have to start thinking in the summer, remember a nice and toned bikini body doesn’t show up by pure chance or get’s done in two days.
If you want to be in shape and be fabulous this summer is time to leave the laziness behind and start moving!!, I understand that In January it was a bit cold like to be outside, but there’s no more excuses, take advantage of these beautiful sunny days and go ice skating, you won’t regret it, you will notice how you burn tones of calories immediately.
A piece of advice, warm up your legs first, it would prepare your body for what’s coming next, and do it again when you’re done skating to prevent your body to get soar and to relax your muscles.
A very easy warming up exercise is to stand up still, elevate your leg to your knee and pull up a little bit, you can hold on this position for 20 seconds and then repeat the operation with the other leg.
Standing still, this time elevate you leg backwards so you can touch the back of you tights and hold your foot with the hand, pull it to yourself and hold the position for 20 seconds, then repeat the operation with the other leg.
If you go ice skating twice a week for one hour each time, until the season is over, in no time you would have tone your legs, preparing them to be fabulous this summer. Oh I can’t wait for the summer and the amazing blue sky!!!, sunshine rays going down Stockholm….oh this city is so beautiful!!, VIVA STOCKHOLM!!!
Be good and do this exercise twice a week, it will make you FEELGOOD like reading !!! 😉