What a Saturday in Stockholm! by Miss Lopez

Hola amigos! Cómo están Ustedes?.  MISS LOPEZ still in Stockholm, longing for my trip to Madrid and more interesting places in Spain to discover together!! Let´s do it! Cool! Viva my blog! 🙂 Thanks Miss Miranda by the way!

I hope you all are very well, aren´t you?. Well myself as I am so busy during the day, I am afraid I must make a resume of those things that happened to me you may find interesting, in one big post, but I hope it´s OK! 🙂

What a Saturday! At the end, I could not really sleep much as I had to learn my script but Thank God I had my vitamin drink Oshee from the owner of Taco Bar at Sveavägen 61 in Stockholm, my sponsor too, to cheer me up, and I must say, it really works!!! Thanks David!

In the first picture you see me with Niklas Holmgren from casting production company, at Kungsholmen, Stockholm. I had to do it twice as they lost the images but it was fun as in the second round I met a friend from Chile, Marisol Hume. I had to play a Mediterranean woman that loves olive oil and is cooking with her husband at home. I think I did it all right but let´s see. You never know when castings! 🙂

As I am normally so busy with my company during the week, I used to work in a NGO at Riddarholmen during weekends and on my way to work, I met a group of salsa dancers from Cuba working in a cruise to Tallink with Latino subject. Cool! They told me in Spanish they loved Stockholm as it´s very beautiful. Maybe we should go all together to dance salsa somewhere, shall we? 🙂

Just outside my work, you see me again with the City Hall of Stockholm on my back, the place of the Nobel dinner. You see, there is still so much ice in Sweden, even the water is ice! The worst thing for me is the ice on the ground as you must be so careful!! Sorry!

Then always having a Reztart snack during meals as you can see the ones I took to my company. Then I had to go back to the casting place where I met a friend of mine from Chile to celebrate the International Women´s Day somewhere in Kungsholmen without planning and I love it!. By the way, I used to have my own flat years ago in Kungsholmen so I know this part of Stockholm very well, it feels like home to me! 🙂

In the last two pictures, you can see a Chilean pay, really tasty and Marisol Hume Eriksson reading a poem for women´s rights. By the way, Marisol has a method to look young forever 🙂 so check it out! I must say she really managed, look at her at 57, and she looks like 33! 🙂 Amazing, don´t you agree?

Viva all women!!! Getting ready for the big day, International Women´s Day and Feelgood!


I´ll be back with more news tomorrow! Puss och Kram 🙂