Miss Lopez News: The Best Mexican in town, TACO BAR!

Hello my Dear Latin Lovers 🙂 everywhere in the world!! MISS LOPEZ back to you from Sweden! Oh my God, it´s so great being a blogger at Miss Lopez!!

As I have told you Miss Lopez has a new sponsor, TACO BAR at Sveavägen 61, Stockholm and today me, Miss Lopez, Victoria Gomez and Miss Barcelona have been invited to try the best Mexican in town!!! So tasty! I love it! 🙂 And the owner David, he is so cute and such a great guy! You should try too!

I feel so wellcome there and today as I came in, there were a real Mexican, in the picture waiting to show me the best tequila you can drink!!. Actually he told me there is a special tequila place in Stockholm too, and I didn´t know! Thank you my friend!

Well, we Super girls 🙂 at Miss Lopez´s blog had a great time eating the best tacos, enchiladas, nachos…at TACO BAR and we´ll be back for sure. The great thing there are so many cool things we can do together in the future as partners, don´t you think so? And of course Miss Lopez´s readers are going to have a special offer at TACO BAR, Sveavägen 61, Stockholm too but I´ll tell you later on as this is just the start. Great!!!!!

In the last picture Oshee vitamins drinks that now Miss Lopez are going to promote with my blogg!! I love it!! 🙂 Just to make you FEEL GOOD!!!

Viva TACO BAR! The best Mexican in town, by MISS LOPEZ!!By the way, the staff are coming to Miss Lopez Kickoff tomorrow, are You coming too? 🙂 Check it out!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD everybody! So cooooooooooooooool!