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Miss Lopez cooking tips: an updated Caprese sallad from Maison Pic


Hello! MISS LOPEZ is back! Today I have been travelling in Sweden and now from the train I am writing to you. Today  friends of mine were so happy about buying a house in France for vacation that I feel it almost there! So today as well I want to be fair to one of Spain´s neighbors France and its cuisine! Of course still one of the best in the world in terms of cuisine and for sure a country to get inspiration from, Viva Spain´s neighbor, Viva France too! 🙂 We in the South of Europe love food!!!

By the way, soon I´ll be coming back with the history of tapas, but today I share with you this great renewed Caprese sallad made by one of the few best chef female in the world Anne-Sophie Pic at one of the best restaurants in France: Maison Pic! Check it out!

For mozzarella foam:
200 ml milk
150 ml double cream
1 bunch basil
170 g mozzarella
0.5 g of agar-agar
Olive oil
Black pepper
Fine salt
For tomatoes Naturally!
5 tomatoes (red, yellow and green, if possible)
2 c / s (tablespoon) white balsamic vinegar
6 c / s olive oil
For the tomato jelly
2 sheets of gelatin
150 g of tomato seeds
For decoration
1 ball of mozzarella
2 c / s toasted pine nuts
4 sprigs fresh basil
Olive oil
Flor de sal
Foam: Combine in a casserole mozzarella, cream, basil leaves and a trickle of olive oil. Season, bring to a boil and mash fine. Pass through a chinois and cool. Stir the chilled mixture in a blender to thicken rod. Add the chopped basil leaves and use as a foam in the finished dish.
Tomatoes: Dip tomatoes in boiling water for a few seconds and transfer to a bowl of ice water. Peel and remove seeds, reserving them. Cut the tomatoes into quarters.
The tomato aspic: water Soak gelatin leaves cold.Drain and blend with 50 g of tomato seeds hot.Combine remaining tomato seeds containing cold with melted gelatin. Pour mixture into individual bowls and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes to take the body.
Presentation: Tomato dressing rooms with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, season with sea salt and spread in individual bowls, alternating slices of mozzarella. Pour over the foam, sprinkle lightly with chopped pine nuts and garnish each bowl with a sprig of basil. Be chic with South European inspiration in your kitchen! 🙂

Viva women and men in the kitchen and Feelgood! FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!!


Miss Marisa's Revolutions we need: Hans Rosling: Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen

Buon Giorno a tutti!! Today at Rome we have a cloudy but warm spring day. I would like to thank Miss Lopez for the lovely, please take me to a Tapas tasting, send you a lot of baci !! And I would like to say Buon Viaggio – have a nice trip!!- to Miss miranda going to Polland, can not wait to see the pictures!!
Today the post is about a must TED video from Hans Rosling and the new way of conceive data: What if we don’t have the right data to valuate  the world that surrounds us? What if we’re only having preconceived information from media or scientists? What if the world is improving and nobody tells us? Hans Rosling gives us Good News because another important revolution of our days will be that Good  – not Bad- news will be great news.
Even the most worldly and well-traveled among us will have their perspectives shifted by Hans Rosling. A professor of global health at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, his current work focuses on dispelling common myths about the so-called developing world, which (he points out) is no longer worlds away from the West. In fact, most of the Third World is on the same trajectory toward health and prosperity, and many countries are moving twice as fast as the west did.
This original authos is going to present his data in the most original way you’ve never seen
By any logic, a presentation that tracks global health and poverty trends should be, in a word: boring. But in Rosling’s hands, data sings. Trends come to life. And the big picture — usually hazy at best — snaps into sharp focus.
Rosling’s presentations are grounded in solid statistics (often drawn from United Nations data), illustrated by the visualization software he developed. The animations transform development statistics into moving bubbles and flowing curves that make global trends clear, intuitive and even playful. During his legendary presentations, Rosling takes this one step farther, narrating the animations with a sportscaster’s flair.
Rosling developed the breakthrough software behind his visualizations through his nonprofit Gapminder ( The free software — which can be loaded with any data — was purchased by Google in March 2007.
Rosling began his wide-ranging career as a physician, spending many years in rural Africa tracking a rare paralytic disease (which he named konzo) and discovering its cause: hunger and badly processed cassava. He co-founded Médecins sans Frontièrs (Doctors without Borders) Sweden, wrote a textbook on global health, and as a professor at the Karolinska Institut in Stockholm initiated key international research collaborations. He’s also personally argued with many heads of state, including Fidel Castro.
As if all this weren’t enough, the irrepressible Rosling is also an accomplished sword-swallower — a skill he demonstrated at TED2007.
Keep well informed and feel good womanhood!! Ciao-Ciao

Rolling up "the Red Carpet" for Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez soon

Hello everybody! MISS LOPEZ here. Of course I could not go to sleep before writing to you!! 🙂

Today I felt really sleepy all day as I am working with my new event, Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez in cooperation with Groupon un Sweden. Check this out! I must say I am very happy to inform you that on the 7 th and 13 th of April, the event will be held at Alfombra Roja´s office, Drottninggatan 89, 12 floor, Stockholm, a business matchmaking company in Sweden. The manager, Maribel, Maria+Isabel like me is from Valencia and she is a great professional! Great! and a real business woman!! and from Spain like me!! 🙂 So if you are looking for business betwen Sweden and Spain and more, check Alfolbra Roja´s site: Viva Spanish women in Sweden!! Thanks Maribel! Who said Spanish women are not business minded? Of course we are! Specially if the name is Isabel, like Queen Isabel from Spain!! 🙂

By the way, do you know that Alfombra Roja mean? It means Red Carpet! I like it! That´s why I am saying I am getting ready to roll up the red carpet for my event in order you to feel good. Cool!!

So today I have had a great lunch in the company of Miss Barcelona! See us working hard! 🙂 and then a meeting with the always nice and very well educated Andreas Giallourakis. I am happy to inform you as well that from now on we, at Miss Lopez will bring you news from the NGO organization he is working for, Tie nordic, specially now that they will be having an event for women entrepreneur. Check it out!

I think, and I am sure Miss Barcelona as well, by the way in the picture with him at Stureplan, he deserves a LOPEZ award 🙂 for the great undertanding for Miss Lopez´s concept: Feelgood Womanhood! As he said according to him, you´d better release old beliefs about how you should do things  and instead find your own way in order to make success. I agree completely and do not forget to Feelgood as well, we mean enjoy life! That´s the most important! I´ll be coming with more news about it so to be continued! Great!

Enjoy life doing your business not matter if you are a man or a woman! Find your own way to sucess and Feelgood!!!



Miss Lopez´s tips: a bit of Spain in Debaser, Stockholm the 9th of April

Hello amigos! Thanks Miss Marisa, or should I say Marisa Perez, from Spain, Galicia grown up in Venezuela living now in Rome?… I am so happy an old friend from La Coruña, Spain is blogging at Miss Lopez! Big Hugg Marisa to you from Stockholm! A toast for the old days too!

On my God! I am so busy getting ready for my Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez in Stockholm!! Cool there is so much interest for the Spanish cuisine in Sweden though it´s a lot of work! Cool, anyway! 🙂 Thank you by the way to those coming to my Tapas night! 🙂 Yes I feel one of my mission is to share to you the good things of the country I come from: Spain! I am sure you´ll love my tips, won´t you? 🙂

Today I got this tip: Spanish music at DEBASER on the 9th of April. For sure I´ll be there! Are you coming with me? I hope to see you there!! 🙂 More info at

And another tip for you that love so much the Spanish taste in your kitchen with Miss Lopez. During all this week at ICA Kvantum, Liljeholmen in Stockholm as well, there is a big event about Spanish food with wine and tapas tasting, where you can even win a trip to Spain. Cool, isn´t it? 🙂  I must say, I love these kind of events and for sure you can count with me. Miss Lopez will be there on Friday and maybe Saturday!!!!! 😀 Come you too and Feelgood!!!

Nice with a bit of Spain in Sweden and FEELGOOD. Viva the Spanish taste everywhere!!!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!!! Share the news!


Miss Marisa's Woman in Fashion: Donatella Versace Spring Summer 2011

Buon Giorno a tutti!!
Was’n it amazing the Miss Mitranda Malaga Film Festival red Carpet? I love it!! and what about Miss Lopez always working to improve the blog? she’s incredible!!
Today I’ll remember you the incredible Versace spring summer 2011 collection and talk a little bit about the designer to learn who the masters are.
Donatella Versace is an Italian fashion designer, as was her brother Gianni Versace, the founder of the Versace clothing brand. She actually is Vice-President of the Versace Group and Chief Designer of the fashion line, owns 20 percent of the entire stock market assets of Versace. Her brother, Santo Versace, owns 30 percent and Donatella’s daughter Allegra Versace inherited 50% of the company stock after Gianni Versace died.
Donatella was born in the Italian city of Reggio di Calabria, the youngest of four children in her family. Her father was a personal financier to the Italian aristocracy. In the mid 1970s, Donatella followed her older brother, Giovanni (“Gianni”), to pursue knitwear design in Florence, Italy. Donatella had planned to work for her brother as Public Relations, but she was more valuable to Gianni as a “muse and critic,” in 80’s Gianni launched a perfume dedicated to her, Blonde, and gave her her own diffusion label, Versus, which remains a well-known Versace inner line.
Donatella is the first to use notable celebrities to broadcast her clothing into the world on the catwalk and other public media such as advertisements, instead of using unknown models. Donatella soon proved to be the public relations giant within the Versace label and spread its name throughout Europe and most of the United States. Donatella chose to place some of her good famous friends, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Demi Moore, in high esteem in the Versace advertising sector, making them and other A-List celebrities such as Beyonce and January Jones the persona and image of Versace. Her popularity grew when she designed the famous Versace Green Dress, also known as the Jungle-Dress, which was worn by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys in 2000.
She now oversees the production of a dozen collections each year. Versus – which was handed to her by her brother – has been successful for more than a decade. Celebrities love her and she has a loyal following, from Elizabeth Hurley to Courtney Love.
In this Spring Summer collection 2011 you can find Greek symbols, solid strong colors and new fantasies that characterize it, gorgeous shoes and accessories. Simple, feminine and innovative.- I would love to have it all – with the yet classic futuristic retro taste typical on Versace’s style, models walk on the squared white rectangle as in a spaceship full of well-dressed woman ready for the future.
Stay ready for the future, enjoy Versace’s collection for this summer and feel-good womanhood!!

The world of blogging, the world of possibilities…

Hello from the world of bloggers, the world of possibilities! MISS LOPEZ miss you already! Right now I am having a meeting for bloggers at Clarion, Skanstull, Stockholm.

I am amazed about the possibilities of having my blogg! Great! Today I have met my marketing assistant, and we came to the conclusion that you´d better look at the right side of life! I agree!. See the possibilities and not just the limits! 🙂

Something I love about having my blogg is that I find people at any age, both men and women reading my blogg, from 13 to 80+. Isn´t it good? Read my blogg and Feelgood!

Here Peter in the second picture with many ties at work, at the NGO I work a few hours a week at Riddarholmen, one of Miss Lopez´s readers, everyday! He told me he would love to wear Miss Lopez T-shirt as soon it´s possible. Great! I love it!

Then bloggers and more at Clarion waiting for the party to start! One of the sponsors is Oshee drink and we have had the change to try this drink specially for you doing sports! And it tastes really good too!

Soon I´ll be coming back home after getting my goody bag!

More news coming soon! And remmember everyday is a step forward in Miss Lopez project! Follow me! 🙂

Viva the possibilities of blogging and Feelgood!

Feelgood Womanhood!

Miss Marisa´s News from Rome and Scandinavian design. 'Form us with love'

Wow!! Spring is coming my friends and Rome is getting warm…not bad for a tortilla tapa with Miss Lopez and the bloggers around the world…I can not wait for the MissLopez app,  that will be great miss Lopez: Go for the App!!!
Today we’re going to introduce a new argument in this fantastic blog: Design, and I would like to begin with a group of designers ‘made in’  Sweden, ‘Form us with love’.
Form us with love’ is a team of designer big stars on last furniture fair in Stockholm:  John Lofgren, Petrus Palmer and Jonas Petersson are the Team and have just received the price Elle Decoration Rising Star of Sweden. They use to work with Finland company Littala  and love brands like Flos, Vitra and Foscarini.
Theis favorite designer  are Erwan brothers and Ronan Bouroullec because of their futuristic approach to tecniches and materials., and Achille Castiglioni , modernists,  Eero Aarnio from Finland and Tom Dixon.
Even if the number of products that carries its name is big for a relatively young design studio, the biggest achievement for ‘Form us with love’ isn’t the actual product, but the process of manufacture. Through its relentless search for new opportunities the team has highlighted local, Swedish manufacturing, maybe more than any other contemporary design studio in Sweden today. It is easy to consider locally produced design a thing of the past but through all of its projects ‘Form us with love’ has shown that there are still great opportunities in Sweden today.
Now they are looking for a new material to revolution design as plastic has done in 60’s, big challenge we hope they can do it!!
Keep inspired and feelgood womanhood!!

A good place to make business…Check it out!

Hola amigos! MISS LOPEZ again, at least once a day! 🙂 I hope you like me 🙂 I feel like an English apple 🙂 “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” or should I say “a Miss Lopez´s post a day keeps your doctor away…”. Fun! 🙂 Stay with me and Feelgood!
By the way, tomorrow, I´ll be having a party after 5 o´clock, tea time,  just for bloggers at Clarion Hotel, Södermalm so more news are coming tomorrow and parties!!
Now in most parts of Europe is already Spring, specially in the South of Europe. I have just found this video about Spain and I like it! Spain, a place where business meets pleasure! I have been already in most of the places shown in this video and I think it´s great! Well, I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. Me longing now for the Spring to come. Yes I know I have told you this a few times already but the thing is I can´t wait any longer…I need this new season to come, the Spring!!! 🙂
In fact I wouldn´t mind to travel to Spain for a weekend. What about Madrid? (in the first picture and more) I love Madrid in the Spring and the temperature is just perfect, “lagom” in Swedish. There for sure I´ll have the change to meet family, make business and Enjoy!!! 🙂 Are you coming with me?… I promise I´ll blog to you when I go.
I need my readers and I need Spain!!! Who said you can not mix business and pleasure together? Let´s do it!
Viva business+pleasure and FEELGOOD! Viva Spain! 🙂

Nigella Lawson´s cooking and Spanish chicken, chorizos and potatoes

Hello again! Miss Lopez back to you with Miss Lopez´s cooking tips! I am so happy about the big interest for Spanish kitchen, specially now I am having Tapas tasting with Miss Lopez, I can see it! Thank you all! Send a mail to me at at
See the famous Nigella Lawson from UK doing her specialities with the Spanish kitchen and something very Spanish: chicken, chorizo and potatoes, Qué rico!!! 🙂 Check it out!
Maybe one day I´ll have my own cooking video, Cooking with Miss Lopez!! Would you like it? Leave a comment and I´ll know! 😉 By th way, for those living in Sweden, do you know you can find Nigella Lawson´s own kitchen serie at VIKINGSUN? Cool!
Have a nice day with Spanish kitchen and FEELGOOD!!
Viva Nigella Lawson and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

Check Shakira´s new boy-friend in Barcelona

Hello! MISS LOPEZ here. This weekend I am busy writing so I won´t have time to parties. That´s why I have had the time to check out one of my favourites magazines from Spain: Hola!

And this is what I have found out: Shakira and her boy-friend holding hands in Barcelona. It´s public!! 🙂 Now you can check too Gerad Piqué´s photo session pictures. What do you think? Is he handsome? I think so but I think he is even more handsome in other pictures.

Check Shakira and Pique together holding hands, after an intimate dinner in Barcelona. So romantic! 🙂

As we say in Spanish, “la primavera, la sangre altera”…

Something like with the Spring, strong feelings… Let´s see!

Meanwhile I´ll be back to my writing and Feelgood!

Congratulations Shakira! and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD