From business matchmaking in Stockholm to the Oscars with Javier Bardem

Hello! Miss Lopez is back!!! After my intense business day yesterday findng good matchmakings, today busy  during the day, as always but then time to relax after an intense week. Let´s see what happens and as I love going to the cinema, I´ll think about it! Coming with Miss Lopez to the cinema? Shall we? I´d love too so let me know first. 🙂
Check it out and do not miss the change to get for free in Sweden! Congratulations!
But talking about matchmakings, all kinds, think that the shooting of Vicky Cristina  Barcelona of Woody Allen let Penelone Cruz and Javier Bardem, one of my favourite actors, find love together. You never know! You´ll may find love around the corner when less expected! What a such matchmaker is Cupid, dont you think so? 🙂
Here in the picture Penelope Cruz who has just become a mother a few weeks ago is in LA with Javier getting ready for the Oscars. The Final count down has started! Vivan los Oscars!!! 🙂
The thing is users of social network Facebook are committed to Javier Bardem as the favorite to capture the Oscar for best lead actor for his performance in Biutiful , in the 83 edition of the awards to be held next Sunday in Los Angeles. I hope to see Javier with a new Oscar in his hands this time? And you, who do you think is going to win the Oscar for the best actor?
Meanwhile you kan try to find your cinema date at Spray Date for exempel. Cool!!! Viva matchmaking in Business and everywhere and Feelgood! 🙂