Buenas Noches!! Getting ready for Miss Lopez Kickoff!

Buenas noches desde Estocolmo!! Miss Lopez is back to you and I am writing to you from home! And do you know what? Getting ready for Miss Lopez Kickoff, and You, are you getting ready too? 🙂 See you there so Check it out!!

Today I have got a big box full of Reztart snack products and it feels so good this Swedish company of “intelligence” snacks are one of Miss LopezÂŽs sponsors so IÂŽll take with me some products to share. By the way, nowadays I always take with me a Reztart snack into town and it feels so good!!!

The other pictures are from the presentation at PUB mall in Stockholm of Baby Wool Alpaca from R&N BrĂ€nnvall at Happy Color shop at the same mall. Cool! Now you can also find you favourite blogger “luxuty packed” if you like knitting…Nice, donÂŽt you think so? At Happy ColorÂŽs shop, PUB mall Stockholm!!

Waiting for something good…Miss Lopez Kickoff and Feelgood!

Viva Girls Super Powers 🙂 everywhere and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD