Beauty tip 1, Take care of your hands!! by Miss Barcelona

Hello Miss Lopez community, Miss Barcelona is back, after a wonderful time in Barcelona with a very warm temperature and nowI am back in Estocolmo, sorry, Stockholm and I don’t know if you have noticed but it is VERY COLD!!!!, and of course with this weather our skin gets really dry and vulnerable, and an area that really suffers are our adorable hands!!!
Imagine that you’re having the time of your live with that gorgeous guy you’ve been obssesed with for a year and when finally the day has come oh! panic your hands are dryer than the Sahara desert!!!! 🙂 don´t worry that day will never exist with this fantastic tip to have fabulous and soft hands.
This is a three steps treatment for your hands,  a luxury spa  that you can have in the comfort of your own house twice a week.
Why do we need to do this two times a week?, the resaon it’s very simple, our skin cells are in constant regeneration and dead cells posed themselves in the surface, that is why we need to remove this dead skin in order to help our moisturize to do its work.
I would like to introduce the SATIN HANDS set from Mary Kay cosmetics, this incredible set will make your hands feel clean, moisturize and soft.
Step number one: Extra emolient night cream, as all of you know our hands are the part of our body that is most expose to the enviroment and any changes on temperature or the exposition to the sun can make them very dry and damage, that is why we start with this super moisturizing lotion to help our skin get repare immediately massaging our hands for one minute, making sure that we spread the lotion all over.
Step number two: Satin smoothie hand scrub, this scrub we’ll clean your hands deeply because it gives you full coverage all over your hands getting ride off the dead cells, as in step one, we massage our hands for one minute spreading the product all over and wash.
Step number three: Hand cream, once we have taken away the dead cells from our hands, its very important to moisturize our skin because it is now so clean that is too exposed and needs protection. The moisturize will work better and will go into the skin deeply because we had remove the dead cells.
This fantastic treatment is normally 650 SEK but for Miss Lopez fans you can get it now for 500 SEK. Go to!/pages/Beauty-Stockholm/152376581453646 for a free trial and kiss dry hands good bye this winter!!! 🙂 VIVA TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES!!!! and don’t forget to FEELGOOD with Miss Lopez community!! 😉