Miss Lopez at the presentation of Baby Wool Alpaca next Saturday at PUB

Hola amigos! Miss Lopez here. What a busy day I´ve had today! It´s just before I go to bed I have time to write to you. Sorry babies!!!

Talking about babies…Are you interested in knitting with wool of good quality? If so today I want to inform you before I write to you in another post my activities of these last two days, that I am going to be helping my friend Rosa Brännvall to show her Baby Wool Alpaca from Peru at PUB mall in Stockholm at 12am. She has her own site so Check it out!

The fanny part is that she made special boxes of wool with my own picture on it. Check it out!!! Coool!!! Now you can buy Miss Lopez´s favourite wool too with my picture to remmember me even at home while knitting! 🙂 You can find me at NK too…

Whatever do not miss this change to meet your favourite blogger 🙂 at Happy Color shop at PUB next Saturday! See you there!!

I love events! See me too at Miss Lopez Events and You´ll se Rosa Brännvall with her high quality Baby Wool Alpaca from Peru there as well!!!

Hasta la vista Babies!!!

Viva Good quality products and Feelgood!! Viva Women´s Business and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD