Miss Marisa´s News:15 ways to avert a climate crisis by Al Gore

Revolutions we need: Environment

Hello Miss Lopez readers this is Miss Marisa from sunny Rome today, nothing to do with snowy place where gorgeous Miss Lopez was last post…brrrr so cold and so beautiful…spring is arriving here at Rome this tuesday or at least that is how  it seems to be here.

What can we really do about climate crisis? Most of times we feel unable to solve general problems, but that’s only one impression, each one of us can contribute to improve things . I think It’s  up to us  to make things work, to make the difference now. We can not wait for other institutions to solve ‘problems’, we have to begin do it by ourselves, in this case for  the future of the planet.

In this clip  you have 15 simple tips Al Gore give us  to do this revolution and improve climate conditions.

Al Gore’s film ‘An inconvenient truth’ is a documentary everybody  should see, just to know how is really going out there. For more information you can go to his site

Enjoy it thinking in a better place an feelgood womanhood!!!