Miss Lopez at a seminar with Swedish Minister Stefan Attefall

Hello again from Sweden, after all my Dear Sweden after all these years together…SWEDEN FOR LOVE!!!
Miss Lopez is back tired after an early breakfast this morning at the Chamber of Commerse in Stockholm lisening to a seminar about housing in Sweden, very interesting subject by the way. Civil and Housing Minister Stephen Attefall participated in this morning’s seminar on housing market but the one in the first picture is not him but a Swedish guy, Christian Löfgren from Nordic Relocation Group. I have told him about the Miss Lopez Kickoff and he may come too. Cool! 🙂 Really nice guy by the way! Here comes the link again: See you there too!
But back to the housing subject in Sweden, a  new report by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce shows that 43 000 housing opportunities can be created in Stockholm county if the goverment do something about the taxes, I mean less taxes for those renting their houses. The high growth in the metropolitan area, combined with population growth means that there is a need of reforms in the housing market in Stockholm. The government must make it easier for people to rent out their homes. In this way, it could create 43000 new housing opportunities according to Stockholm Chamber of Commerce analyst Sofia Linder.
I must say I totally agree and I think it is amazing how dificult it is to find stability in this housing matter in Stockholm, I think.  People in their thirties or more have to live at student´s flats in Stockholm just because the lack of housing in the city, though they are not really, like just a good exempel but there are more. Myself I believe in a more free market system for housing with less taxes to incentive the market. Maybe soon, what do you think? Let me know.
At the end of the day, I´ve met a friend, in the second picture and we went together to a Venture Cup seminar at School of economics in Stockholm about revision for entrepreneurs. And now I am at home writing to you all longing for my bed to sleep. Tomorrow it´s going to be a busy day, Company Fair in Nacka in the morning, business meetings at Stureplan to finish with a seminar at Nordic Tie, at School of Entrepreneurship. See a busy day! 🙂
And now my point is, waiting for a better housing marknad in Sweden with the help of Swedish Minister Stefan Attefall, I am going to feel much better!

Fight for your rights and Feelgood!  FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD with a good housing market everywhere!! See you tomorrow! By Miss Lopez! 🙂