Miss Marisa´s “intelligence” News: Mindstorming, the interactive short film

This is Miss Marisa from Rome, Hello Miss Lopez people how is the weekend going around there? I hope well.
Are you ready fot the great MissLopez party on march the 3rd this the link from where you can follow the event on facebook I would love to meet Jon Kortajarena there, so Gorgeous!!! It’s going to be an amazing party!!!
Here in Rome is such a sunny day that I’m thinking about going to te beach, but is still cold and winter time so It’s better stop dreaming and concentrate in the new wonderful post I’ve prepared.
MINDSTORMING is an special experimental short film and It tells about the first date of a couple, and the huge  differences between what the protagonists are thinking  and what they really say.
This excellent work is directed by Miguel Campos, with Nikki Garcia, Alvaro Manso, Alejandro Perez Blanco, Robert Tome among others.
Here guests have the chance to take part in the unique experience of having access to someone else’s thoughts in an interactive way with both Spanish and English versions  and the good news is that if you’ve liked the experience the Mindstorming team will give you the chance to re-create, repost and reedit it, thanks to a Creative Commons license.
Here you have the link
Enjoy it and feelgood womanhood!!