Miss Lopez´s Events to make you Feel Good and Jon Kortajarena

Hello again, lovers with a hungry heart! 🙂 A warm Latin heart I hope! Miss Lopez back to you from Sweden! Do you know that right now in some parts of Sweden the temperature is around -42 gr C? I guess my friends in Spain are wondering how I can “survive”… Well in Stockhom, it´s not that cold but still…Thank God I drink tea with lemon almost every day and I have Reztart as Super snacks with me all the time!! I mean it.
As a blogger I´ve got an invitation the other day to go to an ice tour this Monday and that means I will be walking on iced water! Check! I look forward to taking pictures while doing it as the Scandinavian light is so beautiful these days, but I am afraid it´s so cold!!! Sorry but I grow up in A Coruña, where the weather is rainy but mild and I feel I can never really get adapted to this. 🙂
Yes life is about a lot getting adapted to new changes all the time, so you´d better do it or that´s it! See I am working on it but still I feel I want to share the warm of the Latin culture to Swedish people and everywhere in order to make you feelgood!!! No bad, isn´t it? So now for those living in Stockholm to start with, you´ll have the change to enjoy Miss Lopez events!!!!. Great! For the moment, on the 3rd of March is planned a Miss Lopez kickoff so Check it out and Join the party! and Bienvenidos!!!! 🙂
I was thinking of inviting Jon Kortajarena, Miss Lopez favourite masculine Top model. Don´t you think it´s a great idea?? I think he will be the perfect guest to bring style and fashion to the event, won´t he? 🙂 So in case he´ll be too busy with modelling in New York or Madrid that day,  let´s have at least a look at this interview of him at Cosmopolitan TV. He´s so cute!!! By the way he´s saying he only now let his mother to cut his hair, only mammy!!! There must be something special about son-mother love, don´t you think so? Very Spanish by the way. And for those who do not undertand Spanish, learn Spanish and Feelgood! Maybe at Miss Lopez events?
Viva Miss Lopez events now and in the future and feelgood! Bienvenidos!!!
Join the party You too!