A promise is a promise by Miss Lopez

Hola hola radiola!! 🙂 Y Cómo están Ustedes? Espero que bien. Miss Lopez back to you, always in your arms!! 🙂 Well I am going to bed now and tomorrow night I´ll be meeting Victoria Gomez, Miss Lopez´s partner at languages and event Dept. in the evening at Cafe Bueno Bolero at T Centralen. Maybe dancing salsa in the same place afterwords? Let´s see, the night is young!!!! 🙂

Well I have many news to tell you really but today I´ll try to be short. I want to sleep but a promise is a promise. I´ve told you I´ll be back with the pictures from yesterday and today, as that´s exactly what I am doing. So let´s have a look at the pictures and then let´s have a good night sleep! At least myself.

The first picture is from today at Alfombra Roja, a business matchmaking company where I used to work in Stockholm and now we are thinking of cooperation with Miss Lopez. The owner, Maribel Alvarez from Valencia, Spain is a real business woman and her company is Alfombra Roja in Sweden. In the picture Victoria Gomez, Maribel Alvarez and me Isabel Lopez, Miss Lopez. In the second one, Maribel with her trainers at Alfombra Roja.

About yesterday´s pictures, the third picture is from yesterday´s meeting at Lois at Stureplan, Stockholm and the one in the picture is Anibal, a Latin musician from Miami that loves Sweden. The fourth picture, Victoria Gomez, Lois and me. The next picture at Forum Excitera event about serial entrepreneurship yesterday. In the picture you see Andreas Giallourakis from Nordic Tie and his friend Magnus lisening to the interesting speakers. Me, I was on their back lisening too and that´s why! 🙂

And finally, last but not least me Isabel Lopez at the same event with Victoria Gomez and Dr Saeid Esmaeilzadeh speaker at the event and owner of Serendipity. Really interesting speech by the way.

Better later than never and of course I keep my word to you as a promise is a promise to me. I´ll never let you down!. You can count on me!!! . By the way, I hope you like the pictures! 🙂

Tomorrow I´ll tell you more Miss Lopez things and I hope you will have fun too. It´s Saturday. By the way, didn´t I tell you that Victoria and me are doing a special event right now in Stockholm? Yes, Miss Lopez Kickoff. Check it out!

And now time to recharge batteries and Feelgood!

See you in a while cocodrile!!! o cocodrilo in Spanish. Hasta la vista babies!!! 🙂 So much Feelgood Womanhood to share to the world everyday!