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Miss Lopez favourite masculine Top model: Check it out!

Hello my Dear reader! Miss Lopez here writing to you from home waiting for some friends. It has been Madrid Cibeles Fashion week and checking the news I found out my favourite masculine top model was modelling there as well for Galician designer Roberto Verino. And do you know who he is? Yes Jon Kortajarena!!!

He is so attractive, don´t you agree? But not only that, I think he has class, style and he is cool too! I love him! 🙂 Don´t you think he is handsome??

Well, meanwhile I am waiting I send you this new post as I love blogging but I must go now to pick up my friens. I´ll be back in a few hours with pictures from yesterday´s mingel and today.

By the way, Jon Kortajarena is from the Basque Country in Spain, the Green Spain as well as Galicia where I come from.

Viva Jon Kortajerena and Feelgood!!!! Miss Lopez will be back to you soon.

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