Miss Barcelona, new blogger at Miss Lopez!

Hi everybody, Luisa Tapia, Miss Barcelona in a picture taken in Barcelona though I live in Sweden, Stockholm. As Miss Lopez told you some days ago, I am joing the incredible Miss Lopez comunity!! I am very excited about that and as said before I will give you my favorite beauty tips so all of you can look even more gorgeous, or in other words you´ll show the real you!!!
I am also going to share all my secrets about my city Barcelona for you to enjoy the best places in town and have the best expiriences while you’re visiting. Because you´re worth it! 🙂
I would like to share a little bit of myself with you guys, My name is Luisa Tapia, from now on MISS BARCELONA. I was born in Guayaquil Ecuador and move to Spain when I was 12 years old. I’ve been very lucky growing up in one of the most amazing cities in the world, Barcelona!! Viva Barcelona!
You know I am a real business woman, like Miss Lopez, so I had two business there before I moved to Sweden.
Why I moved to Sweden?…….guess!!…..because of LOVE, I met my wonderfull boyfriend when he was living in Barcelona, a good opportunity came up in Stockholm and here we are almost 3 years later.Viva the Swedish boys!!! 🙂
I had worked in the fashion industry in Stockholm but at the moment I am inmerse into the skin care and make up world, and I have to say that I love it baby!!!, while blogging at Miss Lopez, I am working with different photographers and also helping women to look the best they can through personal sessions where I give them personal advise.
This is a picture of me in Barcelona, hope you all have a great day!!
I am so happy to be a new blogger at Miss Lopez. Viva FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!