Miss Lopez News: A Saint and many “angels” at San Valentine

Hello world from my Dear frozen Sweden!!! Miss Lopez here. From Italy back to Sweden. It´s so cold today outside!! Wellcome to the real Sweden at Miss Lopez!! Cool and beautiful during the day with this special scandinavian light. I have been invited to an ice guide tour I may go soon  and I hope I can bring you nice pictures from this frozen and white Sweden.

By the way, do you know that Marc Anthony is coming to Sweden to sing at Globen during the summer?. I love Marc Anthony´s music so why not going together then? Let me know!

Right now I am very happy as I have just got a big box of Reztart products today, one of my sponsors in Sweden so I can use them tomorrow. So convenience for me as I am so busy during the day, so this way I can keep alert all day. Check it out!

Well, well so the big event of the evening today after having a very interesting meeting with Miss Barcelona, my new blogger coming soon, in this so special day, was a matchmaking, what a coincidence by the way! 🙂 by SSES, Connect Östra, STING and Venture Cup Öst that co-organise this joint matchmaking event for the third year in a row. The aim of the event is to match competent individuals, (one of them, me Isabel Lopez/Miss Lopez) with competence-seeking start-ups and projects.

Good that a Saint, I mean San Valentin can bring us so much joy all in one day, and all these “angels” 🙂 too, interested in business. Whatever the event will bring in the future, is normally good to go to these kind of events, specially for me that I have big plans for Miss Lopez. I am afraid I won´t tell now that much about my plans, I´d rather wait a bit to something more concrete. I hope you´ll undertand it! 🙂

As I used to say I am a Doer and not a Talker…and I like it this way.

In the picture nr1 me, Miss Lopez with Andy Cars, and Raul Beltrán having a toast for the future…very happy together. The thing is we all were saying, even if you may not notice, “money”!!!. Yes exactly, that´s why we look so happy… 🙂

Then some companies I may contact later on that I think link with Miss Lopez´s filosophy: Feelgood Womanhood, very well!. But I´ll tell more another day!!!!

Mind your own business and Feelgood!! even at San Valentine!!!! Viva Business Women all over the world! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

Besitos to everybody! I hope you´ve had a Great Day!!