Miss Marisa News: Do schools kill creativity?

‘Revolutions we need: Education’
This is actually a cult Sir Ken Robinson conference, at TED conference
Do schools kill creativity?
Sir Ken Robinson, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources
He has had an incredible life you can find on his site and has also a Facebook and Twitter accounts, and there is some more material on iTunes as Ted talks video app for Iphone and I tunes U podcasts.
I also suggest his book ‘The Element, how finding your passion changes everything’ the book talks about  the point at which natural talent meets personal passion with famous people not always easy life stories.
I hope you enjoy the conference as much as I have, Sir Ken has a great sense of humor and the conference is not only serious but very very funny.
And Remember to find your element and feel-good womanhood!!
Miss Marisa wishes you a Dolce Vita