Are you ready for Miss Lopez tip 10 for San Valentine?

Hello my Dear Readers!! Miss Lopez, chief editor of your favourite lifestyle webmagazine online 🙂 here again back to you! As you can see, Miss LopezÂŽs blog is growing with new bloggers, Alexandra Pacalidou as Woman of the day…and more are coming soon! LetÂŽs do it babies! LetÂŽs rock the world with Feelgood Womanhood! I love it!! 🙂
Well, are you ready for my final tip nummer 10 for San Valentine? I hope so after my last 9 tips you got from me. I guess you are ready, arenŽt you? Yes, si Señor!
HavenÂŽt I told you that I am very romantic and I used ,as a young girl, to imagine my charming “Prince” coming to me begging for my love in a white horse? I still think itÂŽs romantic! 🙂 Exactly. like in a fairy tale in the old days!!! Maybe I have seen too many Hollywood films.. 🙂
As Marilyn used to say, “Diamonds are a girlÂŽs best friend” and I must say I agree. I big stone will never cheat on you 🙂 not matter what, and of course diamonds are for ever! despite loveÂŽs expire date. I love diamonds by the way!
So as a final touch in every love story, you guys remmember who is our best friend and do as Princes do! I love this ring of Prince Albert of Monaco by the way! Such a nice one, so elegant! Check too the one by Prince William to Miss Tarleton, coool!
The thing is you donÂŽt need to give a big stone to the love of your dreams to show your love but for sure love is a give and take any day, with or without diamonds, though it wouldnÂŽt hurt!!!
Giving love is receiving it so Feelgood!
And you, do you already know what are going to give to your Valentine tomorrow? 🙂
Be Miss LopezŽs Prince Valentine tomorrow for the first time and Feelgood! For a long life together with Miss Lopez, as Diamonds!!! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD FOR EVER!!!
and of course a big kiss to you!!!!  From Miss López! y Viva el amor!