Miss Lopez tip 9 for San Valentine: Kiss a Spanish woman like Iker Casillas!


Hello my Dear readers again! Miss Lopez here again with my tip 9 for San Valentine!
Haven®t you seen the kiss of Iker Casillas and the journalist Sara Carbonero after winning the Football World Cup last year? The spontaneous gesture of the captain 🙂 of the Spanish team, very nice by the way, has been without doubt one of the most viewed moments of the epic victory of Spain in the World Cup and has been seen around the world. So this kiss and its players are going to be at Fallas in Valencia, a very Spanish fun party in Valencia on the 19th of Mars. You should check it out yourself!
But besides the couple in this monument, in the picture, another character enters into play: the famous octopus Paul. Do you remmember him? I do. Cool octopus!!!
Well the thing is according to the tradition “la española cuando besa, es que besa de verdad…y a ninguna le interesa besar por frivolidad” that means that only we Spanish women kiss for real, so if you have the change to get kissed by a real Spanish woman, youÂŽll be delighted as youÂŽll feel so special to her, I mean us… 🙂
It may be true or not, just try and you®ll see!. So if you happen to meet a Spanish woman next time, just kiss her and Feelgood! 🙂
Kiss, Beso…whatever and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD everybody!!!

By the the way, during the football World Cup final match me and my friends used to say “Casillas, Casillas, Casillas es c… (sorry the expression), como Casillas no hay ninguno!!!!” Viva Casillas too and Feelgood!