Miss Lopez tip 8 for San Valentine: Do like Victoria Beckham and be cool…

Hello my Super Cool readers of Miss Lopez´s blog!! 🙂 Here Miss Lopez back to you this Friday afternoon with my tip nummer 8 for San Valentine. Let´s see if I meet a friend later on to go to a party, I´ll let you you! By the way what a busy business day at Starta Eget cafe in Stockholm!. Thank God I had my Reztart snacks with me to keep me alert all day! So cool! 🙂

I was reading the news at Hola and look what I have found out! This Victoria Beckham´s cool Iphone of gold with a picture of her husband, David, lying on a bed, bare-chested on the screen at New York airport where she landed a few days ago.

So chic as she used to be , this time in tight leather pants, a white shirt, a jacket and a very high-heeled shoes with studs and mobile in hand. This is Victoria Beckham so cool! 🙂 As you may know already the cool couple are expecting their fourth child and for the player and the designer, parents of three children, would be a dream that this baby were a girl, and apparently, their dream could come true. according to the newspaper The Sun and they’re on the moon because the doctors have confirmed she is expecting a girl.

Well I can understand my mother´s joy in Spain of having me, baby Miss Lopez, the only baby girl among three boys!!!! You see, it´s so special to be a girl! Viva girl Super powers! 🙂

But back to my San Valentine´s tips of today, I do thing it´s great to show your love this way even with small details and why not having a picture of your partner, husband or love in your cool mobile. This must be love!

Viva the loving touch of small details and Feelgood! Love me “a little”, but love me do!

So in short, show you love and be cool! Put a picture of you love in your Iphone and be cool as Victoria if it makes you feel good!

And remmember, you have to be coooool 🙂 to read Miss Lopez ´blog ´cause you´re worth it! Hasta la vista my Coool readers!